529 km


This is the distance between me and my supervisor.

L works in Ballarat and I work in Canberra. We work very closely together. My work team is made up of people from all six campuses of the uni – so that’s Brisbane, Strathfield, North Sydney, Canberra, Ballarat and Melbourne.

We stay in touch through a range of ways – lots and lots of email, phone, teleconference, videoconference, MS Office Communicator, SharePoint. The working day usually begins with an email to the group – how we are feeling, what has happened overnight, our plans for the day, a comment on food or TV or politics. Anything really. I love these daily catch-ups and contribute enthusiastically. I can *see* my workmates pretty much any time I want to.

It works most of the time. Although I don’t sit in the campus library I’m there often and still do a desk shift a week and participate in planning meetings.

But I’m off to Sydney this afternoon for three days of F2F with my team, and I can’t wait!!

Nothing – to me – beats the face to face, the bouncing off ideas, the personal time spent with people. I’ll come back to work on Friday energised, enthused and refocused.

yee ha!

8 Responses to “529 km”

  1. 1 Sue

    heh- my “supervisor” in in North Ryde, Sydney, her’s is in Adelaide and the next up is in Canberra. We had once a year f-f meetings but use meetingplace once a month. I like the idea of your daily catch up email. The time zones make it hardest. By the time I get to work the others are ready for lunch. And today most of the team have a public holiday and I will be at work taking the chance to catch up a bit.

  2. 2 Sue

    Should have edited that for those that wont know that I am in Perth!

  3. 3 strawberriesofintegrity

    Yes Sue you have more of a distance than me…and a time zone difference, which makes it harder. We only have Brisbane NOT on daylight savings to worry about. This is a yearly F2F too.

  4. 4 Penny

    wow 🙂 Do you use instant messaging at all?

    • 5 strawberriesofintegrity

      we use a form of IM through MS Office Communicator? – IM, or voice call, or video call and we can share desktops which is great.

  5. WOW! Don’t think I’d cope well with that at all. WEll done for keeping up your own motivation.

  6. How fabulous – especially like the daily catch up thing. My supervisor is in Sydney, and I get a half hour per month – via phone. Dire emergencies are via email, but they are few and far between. I’m generally left alone to do my thing. Re colleagues they are spread too – so I use email, phone, teleconference, WebEx, wikis, doodle polls to schedule etc. But we certainly do not have the relationships you have.

  7. 8 kalgrl

    wow, I had no idea you had similar distance related problems. My Supervisor is in Perth and that is approx 650km from Kalgoorlie. We email and phone and keep in touch with any issues.
    I usually go to perth once or twice per year to catch up and for planning etc.

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