Three unrelated photos


My Sunday so far….

Flowers this week – some lovely white tulips (and I still have lilies from last week). No housework this long weekend. There are tumbleweeds of dust through the house but I have flowers and fresh food. We’ve been outside mainly, so the inside can wait.

Still life - tulips, apples

I only have coffee at home on the weekends usually. Carl nearly always makes it and he likes to name each cup…guess what my lunchtime cup ‘o ‘java was called?

Yep - apple

And we finally finished the front path. Got another trailer load of Bungendore gold gravel and finished it. We still need to do planting out the front – but for the most part – the front yard is *done*. That’s a big tired yip hip hooray from me…..

Front path to somewhere...side gate & beyond.

I love the sound of scrunching gravel.



4 Responses to “Three unrelated photos”

  1. 1 Tony

    I love the sound of scrunching gravel too!

  2. beautiful tulips

  3. 3 Penny

    nobody can sneak up to your front door ;P

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