Tails of Daisy, Memphis and Edie


Daisy started her life as Dozer in Western Samoa. A ridgeback/mastiff cross, she was named Dozer because her previous owners thought she was a boy dog and she liked to snuffle sand with her nose – like a bulldozer. My SIL was living in Western Samoa working for DFAT and bought Daisy back through quarantine (which was 3 months in Sydney). Shortly after coming to Canberra my SIL got posted to Papua New Guinea and there was a no dog rule.  We were asked if we’d like to own Daisy. 

Daisy was the best dog. We tell our present dogs – Memphis and Edie – that they can only aspire to her greatness! A gentle, loving, family dog. We had Daisy from 1999 until 2005. 

Izzy and Daisy reflections 2005

We got Daisy in a circuitous way…and as Daisy aged we knew that we wanted another dog, and one that would learn Daisy’s gentle ways. I started looking at the ARF website – ACT Rescue and Foster – a group of people who rescue dogs and foster them until they find homes.

We went out to a property outside Canberra one cold wintery day to see Alice – a greyhound cross who we thought may live well with Daisy. I confess I liked the idea of two dogs called Daisy and Alice. We took Daisy with us and both dogs hated each other on sight! Two bitches, two older dogs and neither one wanted to let the other be *top dog*. But while we were there we saw another dog who has just been rescued from Queanbeyan pound. Memphis was about 7-9 months old and followed us around the property. Importantly, Daisy and Memphis got on. Girl dog and boy dog (both desexed), one older, the other younger.

Winter sun 2005

Daisy and Memphis had some nice time together before Daisy died. So sad. Such a lovely dog. I loved her slightly worried forlorn face.

Memphis is a cross tan short-haired bitser, a little bit mastiff, a little ridgeback and a little?? His snout is getting darker with age. Memphis is a lovely dog – but a little weird. He has a few peculiar habits. He will not lie on the dog beds second. He has to be first. If Edie is first on, Memphis paces and then does this sneaky thing where he goes to the door and makes out there is something really interesting outside. Edie gets up to see what is happening, and Memphis sneaks onto the beds. Huzzah. Every night. He also prefers to eat when you are not looking and he jumps like a spring!

Edie is Izzy’s dog. You know that when she scours the RSPCA website, something is up. Edie is a kelpie cross, and I call her Needie Edie – she is a little uncertain and shy at times. She is very smart and clever and is full of love, yet feels that no one does love her. She constantly wants reassurance and love. For all her agile ways I suspect she may be a little short sighted. She doesn’t always recognise us….

Memphis and Edie get on. Boy dog, girl dog. Older and younger. Order is established.

Edie. Eden. Oil Tanker 2007

Memphis and Edie get on well. They are good mates. They are part of our family. At this time of year I would like them to sleep in and say…”Oh no Kate, we couldn’t possibly get up at 6.15am. It’s minus 4. Too cold for a walk” – [we walked today, minus 4, crunching over frosty ovals].

4 Responses to “Tails of Daisy, Memphis and Edie”

  1. 1 kate

    beautiful post kate, and that photo of izzy and daisy is just gorgeous!

  2. 2 Tony

    Yes, beautiful post Kate, and beautiful photos too. It’s so sad losing a dog, but after a while you can look back and be happy for the lovely times you had together.

    (Cold and rainy here this morning, and Willy is pacing the house wanting to go out for a walk. I’ve told him we’ll go after second cup of coffee!)

  3. 3 Penny

    You just can’t hold them back when it comes to walks it would seem! 😛

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