Evening closing in…


Catching up with a few things like comments on my last post. Con talked about REM, so I’m listening to them and feeling quite mellow and the evening is closing in…

A pretty standard Saturday. It started with a bit of sleep/doze in and a cuppa in bed (thanks Carlo). Next washing and then off to the markets. If I don’t get to the grower’s markets on Saturday (that’s if I’m in Canberra) I feel out of whack for the rest of the week. Fruit, vegies, bread, sometimes fish or curry paste. I love it. I nearly always get a bunch of flowers. I am frugal in some ways – in silly ways perhaps. I used to think that flowers were a bit of an extravagance, for special times. I used to buy flowers more often when I lived in Sydney – they seemed quite cheap along Glebe Point Rd or Clovelly Rd.  Anyway for for the last few years I’ve realised I like flowers in the house. They make me happy. I don’t have particular favourites even – just what takes my fancy on the day. Last week it was elegant purple iris, the week before some crazy, bright daisies. I like poppies, tulips, sunflowers, roses that smell. I don’t really grow flowers. If I don’t buy flowers, then I get a punnet of seedlings – some herbs or spinach, lettuce, greens.

Today I got lilies.

Lilies from another week...

I spent the afternoon watching J play soccer. I’ve always enjoyed watching him play. Canberra winters tend to be cold, but with clear blue skies and today was such a day. The game finished at 4 and then sun was just starting to lose its winter heat. It gets cold quickly and I can almost see my breath by the time we get to the car.

Dark now…still listening to REM. Staying in this evening and hibernating.

4 Responses to “Evening closing in…”

  1. 1 Jackie

    I miss Canberra in winter! In Melbourne, winter’s just so grey all the time, and now on the Gold Coast…let’s just say we’re still wearing shorts. I miss those frosty mornings and crisp days.

  2. 2 Penny

    Must make a better attempt to get to the Farmer’s Markets!

  3. 3 kalgrl

    Yay Lillies!

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