Study plans


I’ve done it. I’ve enrolled to do a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education (Secondary).

Do I want to be a teacher? Mmmm, not sure. I like training, teaching, delivering, presenting. I know they are different things. I have half completed a Graduate Diploma in Higher Education…but I don’t want to go there any more.

And I want options for the next five, ten years. I’m not sure if I want to stay in academic libraries and I’m pretty sure we are in Canberra for the long haul. I’ve spent the last month asking, talking, thinking about the future.

My undergraduate degree is a BA in Communication, Information Management. I need to have two areas of curriculum to focus on and my previous study means that that will be SOSE (studies of environment and society – lovely broad topic) and ICT (I like the communication part of ICT) and I could be a teacher/librarian. Of course I am now more selfishly interested in the whole parliamentary committee inquiry into Teacher Librarians. Options. I like SOSE – such a broad, interesting, changing area.

I aim to start with one subject next semester, and hopefully do two subjects each semester next year. I’ll do it at ACU because I’m here and I can just duck in to lectures and tutes.  My workplace knows and is supportive. Trouble is…semester one has just finished. Semester 2 starts 2 August. I want to start now!  So I’m reading… educational psychology, stuff on becoming a teacher.

Funny thing is. If I do become a teacher…I’ll probably be the only one on school holidays. #kidswillhavefinishedschool #plannedthatbadly

10 Responses to “Study plans”

  1. Fabulous! I’m actually qualified as a secondary school teacher/librarian – though have never really used the teaching bit (not in schools anyway). And I think it’s also wonderful if you get the school holidays off to yourself – not bad planning at all, very clever, in fact. Hmmm, maybe in (counting on fingers….) 7 years I may try the education sector. Weeks by myself, what a marvellous idea!

  2. 2 kalgrl

    wow, lots of plans and work there. go for it 🙂

  3. 3 Penny

    Good luck! hope it goes well 🙂

  4. 4 Jackie

    Wow, how exciting! You can’t beat having your work and your study in the same spot for convenience. Best of luck!

  5. Congratulations on the starting step. You will bring so much to the other students as a co-learner.

  6. re: bad timing with school holidays… sounds kinda perfect, actually! holidays to yourself!

    congrats on making a big decision. we can be study buddies next semester!

  7. 7 apubliclibrarian

    I admire you for going back to sounds as if you are keen and already getting ahead with the reading

  8. I worked in a school library for five years and it is a great environment to work in. Good luck with the study!

  9. 9 CW

    Oooh! This is exciting! Go well.

    Oh and you know the blogging bug has bitten me badly – one of the first things I thought when I read about your plans was: “lots to blog about here”.

  10. 10 Kerryn

    Fantastic. I’m impressed. Best wishes with the course.

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