Guests for dinner


I’m vaguely interested in those quick interviews with people – who would you invite to dinner (we’re talking celebrities/ well known people)? This is my “off the top of my head” list as at 4Pm today of people I’d invite over for dinner…

  • Annie Lennox – I loved her as a singer, but later I have been loving her as a campaigner, an advocate. Intelligent, beautiful person.
  • Barack Obama
  • Bob Brown – has the most amount of integrity of any politician
  • a cook/chef? – Maggie Beer, Jamie Oliver? Nigella (although she irritates me…)
  • Annie Proulx – author of so many books I love
  • Jeffrey Eugenides – author Middlesex, Virgin Suicides, edited My Mistress’s Sparrow Is Dead: Great Love Stories from Chekhov to Munro
  • Rohinton Minstry – author A Fine Balance (one of my top 10 favourite books) . Do I have a different dinner party just for authors- or should I mix them up with *other* people?

I haven’t listed any film/theatre/artists/musicians. Gah

This sort of list-making just does my head head. I cannot make any decisions…

I would have to have a series of dinner parties.

Don’t you wonder about the dynamics in all of this? Would it matter? I just don’t want everyone to be, for example, completely overawed by being around the POTUS –  Barack and be incapable of speech…

What would you cook?

Who would you invite? My only criteria is that they be alive … I have a separate dinner party planned for dead musicians (true – it’s in my drafts).



7 Responses to “Guests for dinner”

  1. 1 apubliclibrarian for thought ~ a dinner party & hypothetical guest list (what would be on the menu). I think you’ve given me inspiration for my blog for #blogeverydayofjune

  2. 2 haikugirloz

    I was trying to think of who I would ask for dinner. Here is the list:

    1. Jack White (for obvious reasons) he is a rock god
    2. Sean Penn (awesome actor)
    3. Barack Obama
    4. Laurie Anderson / Lou Reed
    5. Leonard Cohen
    6. Peter Jackson
    7. Judy Dench

    It is actually very difficulty.

  3. 3 strawberriesofintegrity

    I cannot, repeat- I cannot believe I missed out on Mr Jack White! Thanks Kim. Incidentally when I saw Dead Weather live- what a southern gentleman- quite polite and lovely (as well as being great and wonderful and a rock god!)

  4. 4 Penny

    oof… I’d be too afraid to cook for them!

  5. 5 strawberriesofintegrity

    Pen, food would be secondary to the whole thing. Of course I say that now but I know I’d want to do something *special* and would stress out about it for weeks!

  6. 6 Tony

    I’d just have Nigel Slater and Nigella Lawson around for supper. I like them both, and they’re friends already so they could chat happily and I could just watch and join in when I had something to say. I am hopeless at small talk. And they wouldn’t want any fussy food so it would be lovely and relaxed.

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