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I’d like to be finishing #blogeverydayinjune with a bit of a bang, a well considered, erudite post on…I dunno…something, but it’s not to be today…anyway… [* T S Eliot The Hollow Men This is the way the world ends This is the way the world ends This is the way the world ends Not with a […]

30 things


thanks to @bonitoclub and @misssophiemac Thirty things I have done this month so far (after all I do have a day to go…) – apart from #blogeverydayinjune attended a funeral – very sudden, very sad, very young enrolled for uni for Semester 2 cooked toast for my daughter’s high school breakfast club watched two performances […]

LiberryDwarf has blogged most of this #blogeverymonthinjune by a daily post format – a good thing, a bad thing, a thing I’ve learned, and a link. Seems a good way to sum up my day today. A good thing: today I helped show around a group of 35 university administrators from China. They are here for […]

One of the hardest things about the #blogeverydayinjune *project* has been keeping up with everyone else’s postings. There are now more than 30 of us and I just don’t feel like I’m spending any real time reading and talking to the posts. So a quick post today ‘cos I really want to catch up with […]

A busy Saturday so far…but one thing I will do this weekend is register my interest in attending TEDxCanberra on 23 October. Numbers are limited to approx 300. I may not even get there…but if not, I’ll be following it all in some form or another! Follow TEDxCanberra on Twitter or Facebook or RSS. [If you […]