Haven’t done this for a long time, a very long time:

wifi – I love it! The kids love it! Best thing.

the deck! – I love it! I thought I wanted the usual dark decking wood until I found out that it was merbau- straight from virgin Indonesian rainforests. It took Carl and I a nanosecond to say- no way! We spent a long time checking out alternative woods and chose this South African (yes I know greenhouse miles) plantation grown iron-bark. Beautiful wood (should get some spam for that!). I am so happy with our deck- and being north facing- it is most excellent right now.

slow cooker – I love it! I had one of these in my 20s- although can’t really recall what we cooked in it. Anyway I just love coming home to hot meals ready! During summer I’m happy to have a meal anytime around 7 or 8, but come winter and the end of daylight savings and I turn…I want hot food on the table…at 6 (doesn’t happen that often), but slow cookers rock! So far in the last week I’ve done a chicken curry, a beef casserole and a chilli. Yay for me.

my parents – I love ’em! This thanks is a bit tongue in cheek as my Mum is driving me berko…but annoying as they are at times, I am so thankful for them.



3 Responses to “thanks”

  1. 1 Penny

    desk looks lovely and warm 🙂

    • 2 strawberriesofintegrity

      thanks Pen- it is a lovely colour/wood. Will oil it when it has weathered a bit more.

  2. 3 patrice

    I have deck envy..

    ..also the “slow cookers” of today are the “crock pots” of yesteryear…

    I remember in that house in lyneham i lived in yearss ago having that “burnt orange” crock pot and throwing all my veges and pulses in it with some stock and water and VOILA! all ready at the end of the day..pity i gave it to the salvos years ago.
    You have inspored me to buy a new one..
    Love to you and hope your family are well,
    Patrice xx

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