Waiting for the wow


I’m in Melbourne attending ‘The Australian Regional Women Leaders Convention’. The uni is one of the sponsors and had some places and I am (apparently) from a regional campus, so I’m here with colleagues from Ballarat and Canberra.

I should be getting ready for the conference dinner, but a few thoughts on today:

I’ve listened to some fairly inspirational women today, but a bit like listening to seven after dinner speakers in a row and I feel that I haven’t really given them justice.

Miriam Silva, Muslim woman and first female General Manager with Elders

  • increase self-awareness
  • get a mentor
  • have humility and compassion
  • accept the responsibility of leadership and act accordingly
  • continuous improvement and learning, read, talk, network
  • listen to and act on feedback
  • enjoy yourself

Gabi Hollows

  • “took a lot of women to run Fred’s life”

Barb Madden – runs a feedlot, QLD rural woman of the year 2009. 

  • from Man from Snowy River – “ride boldy lass and never fear the spills”

Brigitte Muir

lessons learnt on climbing highest mountain on each continent, so whatever your mountains:

  • one step at a time
  • communicate
  • breathe

Mt Everest was the last of the highest mountains. Took her quite a few attempts to get there. First Australian woman to climb Mt Everest.

Anne Kruger – ABC weekend newsreader in SE QLD and presenter of Landline

  • rise above it
  • conflict will be in all workplaces – honour others feelings and lead to a resolution
  • don’t take criticism personally
  • respect yourself
  • you have a right to be there
  • acknowledge mistakes but don’t go on
  • work hard to practice your craft
  • don’t wait until you burn out 

*wish of strength – in purpose, actions and convictions in all of your positions of interest in your day to day life*

Lots of “know yourself” stuff, and lots of punchy taglines and pithy sayings. It’s been good, don’t get me wrong, but I am waiting to be wowed.

20 April – morning after the first day.

Maybe I am being a little disingenuous. Perhaps it’s up yo me to find the wow. At the conference dinner last night Gemma Sisia spoke. Gemma has founded free schools in Tanzania. You might have seen her on Australian Story a few years ago. Amazing woman!

No one has talked about social networking. There are lots of mobile phones out in the coffee breaks and lunch, but no mention of twitter, blogging, FaceBook. Gemma Sisia and the School of St Jude do use YouTube, Twitter, Facebook.

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