Dead Weather warning…


Hey I like the White Stripes, and maybe The Raconteurs even more, but last night I saw Jack White’s latest band- Dead Weather.

I don’t go and see many bands these days, if fact almost none, after years and years of seeing bands in my teens and twenties. These days I’m happier seeing a movie or the occasional play or listening to music at home.

So a few observations before I head off to work:

  • Roadies – Dead Weather roadies wore black trousers, shirts, black hat and a blue tie. Smart or what? In fact most of them wore glasses too.
  • It was loud! really loud, with that thumping on your chest and reverberations through your clothes and body loud. Lots of people wore earplugs. Sensible. Not in my day. We didn’t have any. Ears feel pretty dead this morning.
  • This review is pretty spot – Melbourne show last week
  • They all had white guitars – all shapes, all sizes! Cool.
  • At the end of the gig, they left the stage, then came back out and then they stood at the front of the stage, looking at the audience and then they bowed a few times. Very kind of ‘old school’. Nice.
  • Musically- give me The Raconteurs or the White Stripes  – Dead Weather is heavy, dark, metal. I love Jack White’s thumping drums though….anytime, any band.

But a lotta fun.

…back to the real world Kate



One Response to “Dead Weather warning…”

  1. 1 patrice

    love Jack White and loved the “White Stripes”..Pete told me JW’s new band were coming out, told me weeks ago, and said “I might go”, but as usual, i tend to forget..If Nicky had been still living at home I probably would have been reminded, oh well..
    Sounds like it was an kids are wearing ear plugs these hearing is still fine from seeing lots of live bands, but i know other people our age that hearing is stuffed cos of too much of it..but we loved it, didn’t we?

    thanks for the critique, because i love the musicality of the white stripes and the raconteurs..not so much in to the “dark/black metal” stuff..though would have been an great to see Mr.White playing drums!

    Patrice xx

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