Tweet that!



 Well I can’t get that through Twitter…or can I? 

I recently spent the week in Melbourne at VALA 2010. A great time to get my head inside and around a few things pressing/emerging to me and my profession, but the best bit…well, was the Twitter bit!  I met up with a whole bunch of people that I have previously only *met* through Twitter. I followed the Twitter backchannel at the conference which was just great, peeking in on concurrent sessions and getting real value (and laughter) from other people’s perspectives.

The people I follow on Twitter range from friends to librarians to work mates to others that I just like following – smart, intelligent, OK sometimes noisy people, as well as news, current affairs and people who write or comment on current affairs. These days I rarely watch TV news, let alone read a newspaper (I still get a SMH on Saturday but even that is starting to leave me cold). I don’t like SMH online – some days it resembles News of the World – stupid sensational headlines…news…really? 

I’ve been tweeting for a couple of years and I love the immediacy of it. I have started using Twitter more as my RSS feed. If one of my tweeps tweets a link to an interesting article, video, news item, anything really – chances are it may be something that is relevant to me…and if it’s not…no matter either. Yes…sometimes it’s about eating icecream (or not) or how you are feeling…but there is a richness there and interest that I really value.

VALA’s byline was ‘Connections, content, conversations’ … and that sums up Twitter for me. 

Anyway- the beautiful teacup. From my lovely Twitter friend Jo. I hadn’t met Jo until VALA – she lives in Queensland and I’m in Canberra, but we share some common experiences and frustrations and Jo gave me this wonderful cup and saucer as a thanks for helping her through…through Twitter…some challenging times. We catch up on Twitter over a cuppa.


Horribly behind blogging on so many levels. 

Kx  (aka KatieTT on Twitter)

3 Responses to “Tweet that!”

  1. 1 kalgrl

    Yay! connections are so worthwhile. 😎

  2. 2 Penny

    Yes, Twitter really made the conference for me. 🙂

    Lovely cup!

  3. 3 Steph

    The teacup is exquisite! A great reminder of how friendships can be forged through Twitter.

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