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“Tweet Cloud is a service that lets you generate a cool looking cloud of the words your tweets mostly contain”. The tweet cloud above is from tweets from the last 3 months. Am I a glass half full person? Probably- to most people. Do I tweet when happy? Probably. When cranky I’m probably not very […]

Hey I like the White Stripes, and maybe The Raconteurs even more, but last night I saw Jack White’s latest band- Dead Weather. I don’t go and see many bands these days, if fact almost none, after years and years of seeing bands in my teens and twenties. These days I’m happier seeing a movie or the […]

I’m on an email list for Penguin Australia. The other day I went to a quick photoshoot at a hotel in Canberra. Penguin were going to all capital cities taking photos of *regular readers* for the release of their next 75 popular Penguins- to be published in July. I made it in the final cut […]

Tweet that!


 Well I can’t get that through Twitter…or can I?  I recently spent the week in Melbourne at VALA 2010. A great time to get my head inside and around a few things pressing/emerging to me and my profession, but the best bit…well, was the Twitter bit!  I met up with a whole bunch of people that […]