Holy farting Birkenstocks!


…or why I love the internet. 

I got a new pair of Birkenstocks. I love ’em, as I love my old pair that are still going. 

Gizeh Roses Cream

Although I love my Birkys I do have a bit of an uncomfortable relationship with them. There are some plain ugly Birkys out there, and of course the whole Birkys and white socks leaves me cold.

I even didn’t get any for ages as I just wasn’t sure. But like thongs and boots and high heels and flats…they have their place – as super comfortable sandals in summer.
But my new Birkys make farting noises, just little fart noises every so often. I remember that happened with my first pair, just for a while, and now the same thing is happening with this new pair. Farting sounds every few steps…not loud…just a soft farting, an intake of air between my feet and the Birkys!!
So I googled “Birkenstocks fart”…and surprise, surprise – there was stuff there, on forums and stuff, like this one:
” Hi guys
This might be one stupid question but i need to know!i just bought Birkenstocks to take overseas and im breaking into them but when i walk it makes noises!! not squeeky noises but more like “farting noises” coz the air trapped at the base of my foot and the top of the sandles gets expelled when i step!” 
or this one….
“…The only downside is that walking creates suction and every few steps one of the shoes makes a popping noise. A small price to pay for walking on air. Heaven!” 
And that’s why I love the interwebs…well there is a bit more to it than that (err, like most of my job…) ….but that’s it for the moment. It affirms the whole Birkys/noise thing for me (and I know it will go).
I realise that Birkenstocks do polarise people. You only have to google the word …
I don’t like Tevas for instance…

21 Responses to “Holy farting Birkenstocks!”

  1. oh yeah…. I noticed that too 😉 love the roses missus 🙂

  2. 2 CW

    I love my Birkenstocks. Apart from being mega-comfy, they also remind me not to diss other people’s choice of shoes 😀 To each her own, eh?

  3. 3 Kate

    Exactly Con!

  4. 4 patrice

    Well you have opened up a completely new world for me Kate! I had never even heard of birkenstocks, and they make farting noises too!

    Maybe that’s why when i am getting around town i often hear farty noises lately, and i look around and there is no stinky people in view, so -it must be the Birks!

    They do look cute on your tootsies, and i love the roses design too 🙂
    P xx

    • 5 Jerri

      I just fixed the farting sound!! I tried everything I read on here – baby powder, pin holes in sole…none worked, just had to wear socks. Someone suggested putting velcro (soft side) on the part that is making noise – 2 strips of self adhesive velcro and VOILA!! No more foot farting!! So excited that acter 2 years I can wear them in Texas summer without socks.

      • 6 Chrislyn Davies

        OMG! You just saved my life. People literally knew it was me coming down the hall at work. I had velcro dots in my desk and just put them on. They really work! Thanks

      • 7 Judy

        Hey Jerri. Did you just stick strips over arch?

  5. 8 nicole

    I just put mine on for the first time tonite and they are now making the noises! I fouund your post when I googled it. It’s been a year since your post, did the noise go away? Or do I need to take mine back to the shops?!!!

    • 9 strawberriesofintegrity

      the noise really comes and goes. I haven’t noticed it for ages. I really do think it’s air, suction between feet and Birkys and that depends on a lot of things I guess- weather, humidity, how hot your foot is etc???

  6. 10 Maritime Mom

    I have a pair and they “fart” all the time. I tried Powders, no good, so just today, I staples thin insoles to them and this prevents the suction from the formed foot bed and they are silent.

    I think small vent holes in the bottom would solve the problem as it would prevent the suction and not take away from the form of the shoe.

  7. 11 Annette Dowdall

    I too suffer from farting Birkenstocks – at this stage all my colleagues know about my problem and are not surprised when I “fart” down our corridors but if I meet somebody new I have to walk on the sides of my feet in order not to offend!! The awful thing is that I paid €198 to endure this experience as my Birkenstocks are the super duper Heidi Klum silver model!!! I had a cheap pair of thong sandals that farted also but in my innocence I thought that if I paid “good money” for my Heidi Klums the problem would not arise. I like the suggestion about air holes and I also think that would solve the problem but how to get the airholes!!! Can’t very well get at them with a knitting needle!

  8. 12 K.J. Adams

    I’m thinking about using a very narrow drill bit to make a few small air holes in the arch of my Birks. I can’t stand the fart noises but it’s hard to find sandals for flat feet.

  9. 13 Susan

    Did the noise ever go away ? They are so comfortable I hate not wearing them.

  10. 15 Cathy

    I’ve had the same problem with several pairs of my sandals. I finally put a Foot Petals cushion under my foot right where the noise happens (under the arch) and problem solved!


  11. 17 Katherine Obando

    I just bought the Gizeh a month ago and I finally got them broken in. As I finally found peace with no more aches from breaking them in, the farting noises started happening and wouldn’t let up. It was so embarrassing! After reading everyone’s advice here, I went to the store and bought moleskin. I placed the sticky side of the moleskin on the foot-bed covering the whole arch and alas! NO MORE FARTING NOISES!!!

  12. 18 Lisa Mendoza

    I have the same issue with my new shoes. I taped a strip of packing tape in each sole. It worked!

  13. 19 KB

    Go buy a pair of those sticky things that go in womens high heels under the ball of your foot and place it on the arch… no more farting birks!

  14. 20 Deb taber

    laughing so hard and grateful I found this. I thought it was just my Birkenstocks. My husband and I get tickled when I walk across the floor in them, because it sounds like fart noises. I had no idea this was a “thing”, but now I know and won’t have to suffer alone. 😀

  1. 1 Those dang noisy shoes | Strawberries of Integrity

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