More red lipstick days in 2010


“New year’s resolutions doomed to failure”, say psychologists – Many of the 78% who fail in their plans are focusing on downside of not achieving goals, research finds….more 

Well I’m not going to fall into that trap!

I could name a whole bunch of crazy, spontaneous resolutions for the new year (and decade), but I just have one ….I just want more red lipstick days in 2010. More reasons to be happy and to celebrate.

I keep saying how hard 2009 has been, and hard is perhaps the best word to describe it. 2009 bought a new house (building and moving twice in 8 months), the passing of my dear father in law, and Jeremy’s illness. Being tired and drawing on all your reserves of stamina and emotion and passion and waiting have all left me feeling a little washed out (the chronic anaemia doesn’t help either) and colourless.

I am both thankful and grateful for a whole lot of things this year – but ultimately Carl, Jack and Izzy, my family and friends. People. Not things.

So bring on the red, or deep mauve, deep crimson or even pink lipstick!! – [ps pawpaw on the other days is just fine too].

Happy 2010


4 Responses to “More red lipstick days in 2010”

  1. 1 patrice

    I agree, i hope this year is better for both of us..its been such an awful year, sick brothers and moving house and all the pain that goes with it..

    one thing i wanted to say, I never leave the house without lipstick…I got that from my grandmother, she said “you must never leave the house without lippy on, otherwise people will think you are sick”..mind you, in saying that, she plucked her eyebows until the day she died, wore full make-up and sister, annie has been doing that since as long as i remember and i don’t know what she wld look like without it..

    I just like to have a clean face and lippy, and i am ready to face the day!

    one day we will have coffee and i expect to see a lovely shade of ruby red on you!

    Have a lovely NYE to you, CMD, and Kids. Patrice xx

    ps-Kathy D had chronic anaemia and then she had a hysterectomy 3 years ago and hasn’t looked back, but of course, depends on the reaqson why you have anaemia..keep eating lentils..we live on dahl all year.mmmmm

  2. 2 CW

    Happy New Year Kate! May your 2010 be filled with much happiness and good health and many many red lipstick days. (Even though I don’t wear makeup 😉 ) 2009 was a tough one for me too but I think I learned a lot and had many good experiences, for which I am very thankful.

  3. Happy New Year Kate! Bring on the lipstick days (not that I wear it, but I do like coloured lip gloss, heh heh). 🙂
    You (and Con) have a rough 2009. I hope this year is an easier ride.

  4. 4 Kate

    oh I love dahl too – we could live on it all year round- but Jack would complain…x

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