ICD turns 14

It just BLOWS me away how quickly the kids grow up.

ICD is 14 today and here are 14 (well 15) photos…

16 December 1995

Completely shocked that ICD is a girl – I was convinced I was having a boy.

Carl and ICD (6mths) June 1996

I was more relaxed with baby 2 – lower expectations and it was hectic but fun.

ICD emerging from mist sculpture, June 1997

And we are a family of four, doing family things. Lots of parks, lots of car trips, lots of picnics.

Jack and Izzy spent a lot of time together – in fact most of our photos are of both of them playing something together – and smiling!

Batman & spiderman

 And then 1999- ICD turns 4 and JMD starts school. ICD is in childcare part time while I’m at uni

JMD, ICD and Daisy-dog

 It’s 2000 and ICD starts preschool.

Bowral - July

 2001 and ICD is in kindergarten. I am putting this photo in below as ICD recetnly found it and put it on the desktop at home- and said that she loved this dressup Federation day at school, and especially this photo!

Old fashioned kidlets

2002 – ICD in her new room (chickenpox marks on forehead). Photos from around this time feature animals, dressups and parks!

2002 - deep blue walls

 2003 – and this photo is from face/hair painting for a Harry Potter book launch. HP will be big for ICD.

May 2003

 In 2004 we went to India and Thailand. Really special and ICD just loved it all.

Isabel in Bijaipur, India

2005 and back in Canberra. ICD still has Indian moments.

ICD in Bowral, March

2006 and this photo is taken at Pebbly Beach, South Coast. I have this photo at work. I think ICD looks like some sort of wood sprite.

ICD, Pebbly Beach, Jan 2006

And then suddenly it’s 2007 and ICD is leaving primary school (admittedly there is almost 2 years between this photo and the last!)

Birthday pav, Dec 2007

High school, 2008. ICD has been playing guitar and flute for a few years now.

June, 2008 at High School musical

2008 deserves two photos, as ICD goes to New Zealand for 10 days by herself- to stay with Hannah!

ICD at Tamhuranui, Oct 2008

and now, this year…2009.

ICD and Edie

I wonder what the next few years will bring.

Happy birthday Iz.



4 Responses to “ICD turns 14”

  1. awwwwwwwwww. Love that first photo of you and her 🙂

    She’s blossomed into a beautiful being.

  2. absolutely love the first and last photos, think this birthday post is great 🙂

  3. 3 patrice

    Hi Kate,
    Have a new keyboard. so getting use to it, and takes me ages to type anything..
    love your photos of your girl,,the first one is so lovely of you and baby..and i love the look as you gaze down at her..
    yes, all the photos are lovely, love the Indian garb..suits her, very sweet.
    i can see carl in her face and with your boy i can really see you..
    done well!
    Hope ICD had a great day..
    Love to you and your family and Merry Xmas and New Year!!!

    Patrice xxx

  4. 4 strawberriesofintegrity

    thank you all. Kxxx

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