Everything is OK, OK


I haven’t posted for an age….I have started to write many things, but somehow I’m not on track really at the moment and there is simply too much on.

Jeremy has completed 12 weeks chemotherapy and 6 weeks radiotherapy…and everything is OK. That’s all I can say really, but OK, at the moment, OK.

The photo is of Jeremy and me in 1966 in England. I am 4 or 5, which makes Jem 8 or 9. This has always been a favourite photo. I have carried it around from house to house for years and years.

This scan could probably benefit from CMD’s Photoshop magic, but for the moment….here it is.

School photo, England 1966


5 Responses to “Everything is OK, OK”

  1. 1 patrice smith

    Hi Kate,
    I am glad everything is OK,OK.. Its awful the whole chemo road, isn’t it..Laurence is back on it again, 3 weeks on, 1 week off..while he has the disease..

    I get what you mean by “OK”, its just so hard to live life normally again after this happens in your family, and as they say “a new type of normal is created”.. Its all so consuming, but as you once told me “just breathe” and it doesn’t matter if you don’t stay completely on track, because who can during this difficult time. I have accomplished nothing this year, and to hell with it, there is always next year!

    I really love that photo of you and Jeremy, both so cute! I can see the little kate face there, so darling..and glad you have kept it all these years with you, that is so precious..nice to read you again.
    Patrice xx

  2. 3 Rodney

    That is a great photo 🙂

    Thanks for your comment on my blog re the book circle. I have been well aware of the stuff that has been going on for you this year and didn’t expect you to blog/read as much as you did!

  3. 4 Penny

    sorry – that other comment was from me not my hubster. didn’t notice he was logged in. duh!

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