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Carl commented today- Christmas Eve- that this was our last working day for the decade (I went in for a couple of hours and most of that was morning tea!). It hadn’t occurred to me until then that the decade is finishing….where did it go? And then my friend Con posted her response to the Guardian’s […]

Beautiful Boy


What a great book. What a hard book. What a gruelling book. Every parents nightmare- this book tells a father’s journey through his son’s meth addiction. The author is a journalist – David Sheff and the book is really interesting as a story about drug addiction, but so hard to read as a parent. David Sheff has a […]

ICD turns 14


It just BLOWS me away how quickly the kids grow up. ICD is 14 today and here are 14 (well 15) photos… Completely shocked that ICD is a girl – I was convinced I was having a boy. I was more relaxed with baby 2 – lower expectations and it was hectic but fun. And […]

I haven’t posted for an age….I have started to write many things, but somehow I’m not on track really at the moment and there is simply too much on. Jeremy has completed 12 weeks chemotherapy and 6 weeks radiotherapy…and everything is OK. That’s all I can say really, but OK, at the moment, OK. The photo is of […]