A kettle is a kettle?


Do you ever read that part of the SMH on Saturday where a person selects three possessions- and then they talk about why they chose them, and there is a photo? It’s called ‘favourite things’. Below is last weekend’s page, which isn’t the best example, but the only one I have…..


Saul Eslake (economist and yes I have heard of him) shares his good-luck ‘pixiu’ – why? – you find out that he and his wife have adopted two Chinese-born children. Saul – “The pixiu is a symbol of the personal connections that we have made with China…China has given us these precious gifts that we couldn’t have had on our own.”

I like this kind of stuff – more so when I know something about the person. I’m intrigued by things and why we value them. I also like knowing about the provenance of things – the story behind a favourite possession, how did you come by it, what makes people collect certain things? I like the stories and the memories behind these things.

I’m also pretty hopeless at picking just three, or just five, or the hottest 100 – what you want me to pick? Even with 100 I waver…what if I miss someone, something – wonder what that says of my personality type?  Please don’t ask me to name my favourite five songs of all time – I just can’t !

Anyway- for months now I’ve been feeling a mix of all sorts of emotions- at times I’ve overwhelmed, then distracted, then uncaring, then sad, and more – sometimes all at once, and even sometimes all in one day, or one hour.  Friends and family all say lovely things like “well it’s been a rough/busy/sad/scary/difficult year – you have a lot on….” I know.

On the weekend I got a lovely, unexpected present.

A kettle.

Carl and I were talking about bookshelves and wood and planning more trips to the hardware when Carl said- “I need to drop into Braddon as well….” Anyway I went with him and he bought me this wonderful, fabulous Alessi kettle. Completely unexpected. Completely. Unexpected.


But the timing, the thoughts, the sentiment, the love behind that kettle – all perfect. Hey…and it’s an Alessi kettle, and it whistles and looks so cool and pours so well (so in fact cool design and functionality can work together!).

I’m not sure if it will go in my three favorite things – for you see I still can’t decide on three! (I am currently trying to come up with my top six people to have for dinner – have been thinking about it for about a month now).

The kids however think that we are both mad, although Iz has already claimed the kettle when I die….

Even the box is great!

Even the box is great!



6 Responses to “A kettle is a kettle?”

  1. 1 Katherine

    That is the coolist kettle I have ever seen… so shiny too.
    Does the red bit fit in with your new kitchen?

  2. 2 Julian Stevenson


    Hi Kate, the above blog looks at objects, memory and death.


  3. 3 Lisa Fletcher

    Once again, you are an inspiration. It also helps that you share the love of surrounding yourself with beautiful things, my theory is that it creates the best comfort zone in the world….. and great stories – never stop x

  4. Oh very cool!
    I have a few things from my grandma’s crockery cupboard that I’m lovin’ at the moment partly because of the provenance of them.

  5. 5 strawberriesofintegrity

    Katherine – the whistle is a pale maroon- not the Memphis red of the ktichen- but it’s fine.
    Julian – lovely post and photos. It was hard moving when a friend was helping…”what- boxes of your children’s drawings, and boxes of baby clothes?, and so much? ” (well not boxes of clothes- but some special clothing that each child has worn…)
    Lisa – thanks. you also have beautiful things. I don’t think I will stop.
    Pen- oh yes, crockery !

  6. 6 Sue

    Kate, awesome blog. I want one!
    Weird about the objects of life. I also have kept special pieces of clothing both kids have worn when little, also truckloads of artwork from their first painting/drawing.
    You know me, my house is full (and the garage come to think of it) of my collections of whatever. Wow. Hey I know two people you should have at your dinner party……
    x sue.

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