Water…take one

Backyard #1

Backyard #1

It was raining for a few days earlier in the week.
The backyard quickly gets boggy. I got home from work just as it was getting dark and took these photos (and I think from now on I’m going to put up larger photos).

Backyard #2

Backyard #2

I love these photos…the light, the puddles, weeds, rocks and the birdbath look quite wonderful.

Backyard #3

Backyard #3

What I really want to post about is the raintank – yeah, but I’ll do that soon. Yep – lots to do in the garden, and the clay is hard work, but I’m happy…


One Response to “Water…take one”

  1. 1 kalgrl

    Nice frog pond you have there 🙂 It must be exciting to start from scratch with the garden, planning etc.. At least you know how the water drains already:-)

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