Couple more strawbs


I’m tired? So what’s new?
I have about ten draft posts at present on a whole bunch of stuff. And I’m getting frustrated by my lack of ability to. (well). do. much. really.

Tonight – I present – my scatter-gun approach to my life at present … and my head.

We’ve been in our beautiful house for a few weeks now. It’s wonderful. There is still some, well loads of *tweaking* to do. For instance:

  • we haven’t worked out the greywater yet – we don’t seem to have instructions, oh and we haven’t worked out where we will use the greywater yet either. Although for a start I know our big trees- the claret ash, liquid amber, eucalypti, Manchurian Pear could do with some help. And then someone warned me about over watering….too much information. We just need to get down to the enviro-friendly place centre and have a good talk with them. We have a Gator-Pro – in case you’re interested!
  • rainwater tank – we’ve had some great rain recently, but have only just realised that it hasn’t made it into the tank? Why? Not sure – again we need more information – which bit of the roof is plumbed to it. Does the tank need priming? What? Carl’s had a quick look…only to find all the gutters blocked with leaves…so clearing those and adding gutter guard first.

That’s just two of a whole stack of things, but you get the picture.

But I think I’m all seems a bit surreal and unnatural at times…not my happiness…the house! I didn’t think it would make such a difference but it does…and doing things around the house gives me *process time* and I definitely need that.

This video made sense to me:

I need time to process. I reflect. I agonise. I like the idea of thinking something through. I guess what I’m finding frustrating at the moment is that I feel that there is so much going on that I’m not doing anything well. I’m not even starting some things. It’s almost a paralysis. I don’t want it all at once…just need to work through a list, break it up into chunks. I know what I should be doing. It’s just the self-talk. Blah. I’m hard on myself, most of us are. Blogging hasn’t changed my life, but I like trying to articulate what is going on. Hey- it’s the journey isn’t it?

A small win for me has been cleaning the bathroom. No- I’m not mad or insane or sad, but I tried cleaning with bicarb and white vinegar. And it worked. Pretty well. Of course it’s a new bathroom and only two weeks of grunge, but I’m pretty pleased that I was able to use just bicarb and vinegar and it cleaned up beautifully. One of my aims in this house was to be as *green* as possible and it’s a small win, but a win nonetheless. I now have to get the kids on board with cleaning their bathroom (three weeks grunge already and counting…). I have since found out that I should have used lemon too – which makes sense – what was missing in the cleaning process was a shiny, clean smell, and vinegar and bicarb didn’t really fill that gap.

This is our major focus outside at present – dealing with the clay. Tomorrow we are having 5 cubic metres of sub-gravel delivered so that we can even out and then spread this around the south side of the house that needs drainage. It will eventually be covered with recycled gravel and stepping stones – with some planting. I like the sound of gravel paths (and it will keep the dog’s nails down!).

North side of house

North side of house

I have written before about reading Extremely loud and incredibly close. Well my choice for our next book in bookgroup is this author’s first book – Everything is illuminated. It just sounds like a cool book doesn’t it? Hope so.

So thanks, a big thanks to:

  • some pretty out there friends who get things done – Kath and her battle to save a heritage house and Edwina for continuing to pressure and lobby for kids (and her child) with autism. I am in awe of your energy & commitment. There are many others too.
  • a shower that is the size of a small lift. I had years of the bath/shower combo – and I love our new shower (and bath). The luxury, indeed almost decadence of a separate bathroom to the kids is still taking me some time to get used to. Actually, not true – I am very used to it already.
  • Carlo – for doing almost everything
  • Mt Ainslie and the parkland. Oh I have missed you!


I must get around to taking more house photos. Soon. Very soon.

In the meantime I’ll leave with a photo of our spider mate who is living in one of the car headlights at the moment. Actually he/she (probably a she) is not there now…just checked, but she was around for a number of days and quite a few car trips. She has probably now made her way into the car and onto the sun visor and is waiting to surprise me next time the sun is in my eyes.
Makes for pretty cool photos though.

Huntsman in the headlight

Huntsman in the headlight



3 Responses to “Couple more strawbs”

  1. You can add a little essential oil to the vinegar for the “clean” smell.. I like lemon, bergamot or lavendar. I’d just test it on some surface though – it’s fine on porcelain like the loo, but just check the other surfaces first.

    Hope the watery things get sorted out for ya – I’m so jealous you have that set up. I’d love to do it at our place but the expensive of converting stuff is a bit off putting right now since we’re supposed to be saving up for a Northern Territory trip.

    Go spidey! Maybe the lights are warm for it.

  2. 2 Nicky Alsemgeest

    Hey Kate, Thanks for the Strawbs. For what it’s worth, ‘Everything is Illumninated’ is one of my all time favourite books – up there in my top 5. I’d love to know what you think of it. Nick x

  3. 3 Sue

    I am glad to hear that I am not the only one around who has problems with actually getting things started, let alone done. We have to have lunch again soon too.
    I need to pick your brains a bit.

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