Coming up for air

Mould - erk

Mould - erk

Exhausted and I have a nagging sore throat, but I wanted to share a few photos and thoughts from the last couple of hectic weeks.

We spent about four days last week moving…I think we did 18 trailer loads – although we kind of lost count..and even more car loads… (and yes- next time we move we are hiring a truck and scrawny, muscly removal guys!)

Load five - still smiling

Load five - still smiling.

And then I spent a couple of days cleaning the rented house – one of those tricky, hard to clean places. The agent had organised to repaint and re-carpet when we left. We argued that it need re-carpeting, but didn’t need repainting – more like major work on ventilation, insulation and condensation -but more paint it is. Just cover that mould I say! Took time to take quite a few photos of mould. We had an inkling that there was mould behind our bed…but discovered this when we moved the bed – I felt really quite ill. We always sleep with the bedroom window open- even in minus temperatures as I love fresh air when sleeping. I just wonder how many mould particles we inhaled while snoozing.

And then during it all…it hailed one day three times, just to add to the fun. And in between the hour or so of sunshine. Very strange. I like the photo below as it reminds me of an English garden, and it is hail and Dickson in Canberra!

Hail in Dickson backyard

Hail in Dickson backyard

We even have the chooks back from their sojourn in Candelo – Tilda, Feathers and Heather (sadly Fonzie died after much care and attention was lavished on her by Carl’s parents). And yesterday – the first egg! Yay for the chooks!

Here are the chooks enjoying their first moments of freedom after a four hour drive. The chook run is overgrown with grass and all sorts of chookly goodness.

Chooklets are home!

Chooklets are home!

We finally got to sleep in our new house last Friday evening, except I was then on my way to Bowral and then Sydney to have lunch on Saturday to celebrate Jeremy’s birthday. I didn’t even sleep in the house the first night! –  but as dad says – it makes for a good story.

There is champagne in the fridge and I have found and unpacked the groovy anodised aluminium champagne flutes. Maybe this weekend?

So here we are …. coming up for air – mould free air too.


6 Responses to “Coming up for air”

  1. euuuuw mould!
    nice to see those chookies running around happy 🙂 Welcome home.

  2. Congrats to finally being in the new house. I look forward to the forthcoming pictures.

    We have a mould problem in our bedrooms here in Brisbane and I have often wondered how much mould spores I have ingestion. My Mum put me onto the best mould killer, 3 or 4 drops of clove oil in a bucket of hot water and then use this to clean the walls etc, no hard scrubbing required and it kills the spores as well. She got it from Shannon Lush’s book Spotless.

    • 3 Patrice

      Hi Kate,
      Glad that you and Carl and Kids are in your lovely new home..
      I know how it feels, all the work, work , work associated with it all.
      We moved a year ago, and it was BIGGER THAN BEN HUR!!

      We moved from a two-storey with outside pool and “Cabana” area in Weetangera, which we had been living in for 11years to a smaller (though still big) 3 bedroom and study (again in Weetangera), Pete and Nicholas were the only ones that moved all the stuff, we hired a truck, 6 large skips then 2 more skips when we got here, then another ute for two was a nightmare! I got very sick with the flu and fagged out toward the end and Peter had to move all the rest on his own, we ended up hiring cleaners to do all the cleaning for the other house..the whole cost of moving and other stuff came to ..10,000 dollars (agghh) !!!

      At the end of the day, I am glad it’s over and when i read your blog, it took me, sorry for gasbagging on so much about it..Also, someone told me that when you move you often get sick from just all the mould and dust that arises and the mould is a big one..I was ill for ages, so keep well, and take your vitamins..:)

      I can’t believe you sleep with the window must freeze!!

      I hope Jeremy is feeling well and you had a good time with him on his birthday, also, hopefully Carl and your family are feeling better about losing grandpa, I remember him, he was a lovely man..

      thanks for your nice comment when i posted the Johhny Cash “Hurt” clip..

      PS-Enjoy your new home!

      Patrice x

  3. 4 strawberriesofintegrity

    thanks Pen, Rach and Patrice- we now have 2 googs!
    Patrice- coffee soon?

  4. 5 kalgrl

    So glad you are in!! Prob better to have moved selves, scrawny muscly guys are usually not worth the insurance they insist on.
    happy home (ing)!

  5. 6 Patrice

    Hi Kate,

    Can have Coffee in a few weeks, have come down with a flu since yesterday and feel awful, will let you know when i am a 100 percent,

    Patrice x

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