Fantasy future


I saw the latest Harry Potter movie on the weekend. I really enjoyed it, although I think I liked it so much just watching Isabel’s face throughout it all. She was soooooo engaged.

There are a few films that I am looking forward to, and the strange thing is they are all of a genre that I don’t usually follow that much. The sort of fantasy, fairy story, animated film? I am usually up for a serious, searching type of film. Films that don’t hold back and ask hard questions. Or funny, clever, intelligent movies – like the Coen Brothers movies. We are currently re-watching Coen Bros movies with the kids, and loving them all over again.

Maybe it just shows where my head is at at the moment, and my need for fantasy…or lightness…or something else?

First off: Where the wild things are. I know this book back to front and front to back . I have read it so often with the children when they were small. Looking forward to what Spike Jonze can do with it.


And then: Tim Burton and Alice in Wonderland. YAY! Can’t wait. I loved Edward Scissorhands and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Sweeney Todd. Such rich, rich, colourful, colourful, whimsical, whimsical films (and yes I am deliberately repeating myself). I did have the link to the trailer from YouTube but it’s been pulled. 

And finally: The Fantastic Mr Fox with the equally Fantastic George Clooney. I know, I know- I am with millions of other women and men who think George is a honey- but I love his voice, so George being Mr Fox should be, well, fantastic….


and thanks: thanks so much for all your messages, cards, emails, texts of love and support over the last few months. I feel really blessed (in a totally non theological/religious sense!) to have such a wonderful network of support and happiness around me.


ooh- almost forgot…Library themed ice-cream? Can you think of any?  Library Liquorice? I like the sshh sshh sshh sherbert.

Jack, Kate and Isabel at Lez' funeral

Jack, Kate and Isabel at Lez' funeral

One Response to “Fantasy future”

  1. Nothing like a bit of fantasy to lift us up and enable us to face the sometimes gloomy reality. 🙂 A bit of escapism to keep us sane… plus, let’s face it, there is still the bit of the child in us that is saying “Mummy read me a story”.

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