Fly me to the moon


Lots of talk about the moon landing 40 years ago has got me thinking.

I don’t have huge memories of times before I was six or seven – I just can’t really remember. Isabel tells me she remembers things from when she was two or so – but I’m not sure if she is prompted by lots of photos, someone talking about a particular event or the occasional video of the time. How do you construct memory?

Moon from Ainslie 29 Dec 2004

Moon from Ainslie 29 Dec 2004

I do remember watching the moon landing…but was it a replay or live? Not sure.

According to …yep…wikipedia…the moon landing was 20.17 UTC. Sydney is 10 1/2 hours plus UTC which would make it 6.30 in the morning? What was the delay on relay back to earth?

I remember watching the moon landing on a black and white television in a house across the road from Clemton Park Public School. I was seven at the time. I remember the whole class went and sat in the living room. We didn’t have a TV at home and it’s unlikely that the school had one either.

I love the moon. I don’t think about it a lot, but when I do I am filled with awe (most of the time- other times I am blaming the full moon on crazy behaviour- mine or anyone elses!)

Moon from Ainslie 30 Dec 2004

Moon from Ainslie 30 Dec 2004

And I love, just love some of the names of geographical features on the moon. I’ve always liked the idea of seas called names like Sea of Tranquility, Sea of Serenity, and apparently there is a Sea of Crises too and more. Oh and Sea of Nectar!

Here is Doris Day singing ‘Fly me to the moon’. I like this song…not particularly Doris’ version, but I like a woman singing this one, no smooth Frank for me. My memory of this song is my brother’s dear ex-wife Amanda singing this song. I do remember Mandy singing a lot around the house.

And of course, no interweb in 1969, so now the most wonderful resources on the Moon landing, including this site called We choose the moon (including a countdown). How cool – spend some time looking at this site.
I have been to a space museum outside Moscow in 1985 – I remember thinking how tiny were the capsules of the dogs that went into space.
Loads of really cool old (and some restored) footage from NASA on YouTube if you need more. Here is Crikey’s summation of moon landing stories for today.
I don’t really want anyone to go back to the moon- look at it, ponder it….but leave it alone now.
So if you are over 40, well probably over 42, 43 at least – what is your memory of 20 July 1969?

7 Responses to “Fly me to the moon”

  1. 1 Patrice

    Hi K,
    I have memories of being at my school : StJosephs, O’connor the year we arrived in Canberra from Melbourne.

    I remember being in the school hall, which was pretty small and had no stage, was more like a shed in those days, it was also the same place i had ballet classes after school once a week.

    All the school cramped into the hall and sat cross-legged and watched the moon-landing on a small, black and white television. I remember thinking it was very exciting at the time, but don’t remember much else..except..i remember looking at the moon that night and thinking i could see Neil armstrong walking around, obviously had a vivid imagination..which is so funny when you think about not understanding as a child the concept of distance..

    I also remember my father going to the USA for work not long after and he was doing some legal work for “NASA”, as dad had specialised in Space Law (when he died in 1988 there was a column written about his innovations and work with “space law” in the financial times/review(?)-i have a copy, which I will have to dig it out and scan )..anyway…when dad came back from the states when i was young, he brought me back all these great booklets and photos and souvenirs from NASA about Apollo 11 for school projects and i think they just ended up in the bin somewhere..oh dear..would be so wonderful to have kept them in a scrapbook or something..

    Interesting about the moon affecting moods, i have people close to me that act crazeee around a full moon, we actually call it-full-mooneze! Well they do say that the word “looney” comes from “Lunar”…

    Love the doris version…Px

    • 2 strawberriesofintegrity cool that your dad was part if it all Kx

  2. 3 Kate Hallett

    Hi Kate

    For some reason I have been thinking about you and your lovely family a lot lately. Yesterday I saw a pewter fairy and it reminded me of you, then last week I noticed an advert for a Waterhouse exhibition in London. So, will try to get there before September.

    How is your house coming along?

    The moon is amazing, I found the harvest moon in Canada and the US just incredible it appears to be several sizes larger than what we see from Australia.

    The Lunar landing was viewed by the whole of Tyalgum Primary School in the lounge room of the local Post Office. About 35 people in a room the size of a small bedroom. I was just so flawed by the fact that men were actually able to walk on the moon.

    I remember working in the CES and whenever there was a full moon we would get the Loons… or was it just that I work in Byron Bay, Lismore and Murwillumbah??

    Hope all is well with you and your and see you on our return from UK mid Jan

    Kate and the 3 boys x

    • 4 strawberriesofintegrity

      pleeeeeeeaaase go to the’s great seeing this fantastic rich painting IRL. Just wonderful. Look forward to seeing you in Jan 2010. Kx

  3. Hi Kate,

    Obviously I have NO memories of the moon landing itself, but I joke about arriving early to be here for it (I was born 10 days before my due date).

    I had read that the ‘moon landing’ was at 1pm AEST, so your calculations confused me. A media release from the CSIRO from 10 years ago explains all… … They landed at 6:17am AEST, but it took them until 12:56pm to get their gear on and get out of the capsule! (Just as well, as the moon was just rising over Parkes at the time).

    Somewhere around here I have an Apollo 11 ‘patch’ (the sort you sew onto a duffle coat).

    I’m totally with the moon/mood thing. Being a Cancerian, it’s true!


    • 6 strawberriesofintegrity

      Oh I thought a more professional lib like you would do more research than me- thanks for that :-)!! Interesting listening to ABC RN this morning- so many memories are of the type I have (and Patrice and Kate H) – sitting around a tiny B&W TV with your school class!

  4. 7 Penny

    I was born a few years later so have no memory of it at all! 🙂 Actually I’d quite like to see further moon missions.

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