is the name of a Poppy (now called Lipstick Queen) lipstick that was given to me when Jack was born – over 16 years ago! Elena– remember? Bright red to give me courage for motherhood (well that’s how I liked to think of it).

I was getting ready to go out the other evening when I realised that all my lipsticks were either:

  • old and dried up
  • broken (remnants of children mucking around when they were younger)
  • or both.

I need some new lipsticks! 

Oh oh. Lipsticks are like paint and tiles and granite and all sorts of things…they have names, and I am so influenced by a name. How will lipstick shopping go?

Well I have just returned from shopping and I’d like to say that I went berserk and scoured Canberra, but after going to ‘The way we wear’ – antique and retro clothing fair at the Albert Hall, Isabel and rushed into Civic and I bought a ‘red spark’ lipstick from- DJs brand. We’ll see if it’s the hit I need right now.


I also got a couple of those fabulous $9.99 Popular Penguins, including  – Everything is illuminated, by J S Foer. I have just finished The Book Thief and read a couple of WWII books last year (Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and The Zookeepe’s Wife), so am going to take a break from war and put them on the shelf for a while.

House – about 2 weeks away…

A completely frivolous post- but I need frivolity at the moment, and I still need to check out Lipstick Queen (Poppy’s lipsticks are divided up into saints and sinners, although the names- wine, red, rust etc are a little disappointing). Whatever happened to courage?


4 Responses to “Courage”

  1. 1 Penny

    🙂 Are Max’s any good? I see a lot of advertising from them.

  2. 3 Patrice

    Hi Kate,

    I didn’t know that Poppy had changed its name to lipstick Queen-will have to look out for it..thats how long its been since i have worn Poppy lippys 😉

    Wanted to let you know of another brand of Lippy that i find great and has wonderful colours and names like, goddess, venus and all australian made and lovely natural ingredients and is called “She Australia”..I have only seen them in priceline and they are good quality and nice and cheap..I have a great red colour that i have been using for a few years now, its called “choice”..its not an orangey-red or a pink-red, its just right..
    just thought i would pass the info it on..they are in a gold lipstick container..
    here is the website-but it doesn’t have the colours of lipsticks in it :

    • 4 strawberriesofintegrity

      thanks Patrice- I’ll keep my eyes (and lips) on the look out! K

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