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No words


Lez Lez my father-in-law died last Friday. So sad, so sudden and unexpected. He was up in Canberra from the South Coast (3 hours away) having some medical tests. Lez died waiting to see the specialist in the Canberra Hospital. Lez was to turn 80 this Thursday. On Thursday we will attend his funeral. On Friday we will all […]

Lots of talk about the moon landing 40 years ago has got me thinking. I don’t have huge memories of times before I was six or seven – I just can’t really remember. Isabel tells me she remembers things from when she was two or so – but I’m not sure if she is prompted by […]

so close….so tantalisingly close. Giving three weeks notice on this house on Monday. The worst thing about waiting is … the waiting. In other news Jack got his L plates during the week. Tomorrow – trip to IKEA to grab stuff. Izzy is coming and we’ll be listening to the JJJ hottest 100 of all time […]



is the name of a Poppy (now called Lipstick Queen) lipstick that was given to me when Jack was born – over 16 years ago! Elena– remember? Bright red to give me courage for motherhood (well that’s how I liked to think of it). I was getting ready to go out the other evening when […]