Bit flat..scat..oh….


I have been composing posts in my head for weeks now…but there is such a jumble in there it hardly seems worth while trying to make sense of it all. But I’ll try. It’s left me at times a bit flat. I have to say this last month has been the most difficult for me as it is all too close to completion, yet frustratingly far away in so many ways.

I think it will all come down to lists in the end, as there is just to much going on so many levels…I often make lists. It’s a bit of a joke with my co-workers (and yes I’m one of those people who occasionally write a list and put something on it that I know I have done- just so I can get the satisfaction of ticking it off- what does that say about me?)

list one (what needs to happen with our house before we move in)

  • install grey water system
  • finish the solar hot water
  • finish tiling
  • put in the water tank
  • put in the garage doors
  • fix power on kitchen bench
  • pick up new dishwasher and get installed
  • carpets
  • get a certificate of occupancy from the government
  • house inspection from bank prior to us handing over final building payment (this one has to be a bank cheque and not just a back transfer before the builders will give us the keys)

list one and a half (things that need to happen pretty quickly once we move)

  • letterbox (so we get mail…)
  • fence (so the dogs don’t get out)
  • take all the rocks out of the chook run (we had to dismantle a rock wall quickly), and then get the chooks back – yeah! I have really missed the chooks!
  • window *furnishings* – which will probably include some sheets until blinds delivered and we make some more decisions (so we are not on show)
  • build decks (to sit and drink coffee on…)
  • build a floor to ceiling bookshelf  (so that books can be unpacked. We have been living with one bookshelf for 7 months)

list two (what we need to do in this house before we move out…)

  • have a bit of a clean up. I know it’s only been 7 months, but I don’t want to pack or move anything more than we need to 
  • sort out the mail redirect
  • change address back on a few things that had to change- house contents insurance, car insurance
  • clean the house so we get the outrageous bond money back
  • remove all evidence that we ever had a dog here…. 

list three (update on my brother)- not really a list, more an update…

  • waiting for another opinion from oncologist pending starting chemo (and possibly a clinical trial of some sort)
  • try and spend as much time as I possibly can just hanging out with him

list four (my thanks)

  • Aesop creams. I don’t wear a lot of makeup but I love beautiful creams and lotions and things to bathe in. I have used various products (Body Shop, Lush, rose-hip oil -a fave), but am always on the look out to try new potions! I’m currently using Parsley seed anti-oxidant serum and Camellia nut facial hydrating cream. Bliss.
  • hot water bottle
  • my new mug– if you are like the average household you probably have loads of mugs, but I was in Peter’s of Kensington with Jeremy (yes- in the shop, not just ogling online) and I couldn’t resist another mug. I had to go with the Penguin orange colour (and being a purist- out of the range I have only read Wuthering Heights…)
  • flowers from the grower’s markets. I usually buy a bunch a week and flowers can really make a difference. I decided today that would not buy any more flowers until we move. Not sure why…but there you are.
  • Carl for putting up with me…
  • my supportive workplace. I’ve just returned from a two day face-to-face meeting with my group in Sydney this week. Feel quite positive about where we are all heading. There are eleven of us on five campuses and we only really get together one or twice a year.

list five (a few recent photos)

Back of house with Carl

Back of house with Carl

you can even seen the port-a-loo (blue) – in the background 

Condensation in the morning

Condensation in the morning

and tulips (and some ganeshes) …

list six (the every-day)

  • work
  • children/school – soon school holidays
  • exercise
  • eat
  • oh- breathe….

This is not meant to be a “ooh- look at me, I’m soooooo busy” Everyone is busy. Think of it more as a list for me- ha ha.


5 Responses to “Bit flat..scat..oh….”

  1. 1 Katherine Pawley

    Hey Kate… your list is so much like the one in my head…

    On Tuesday we are going house sitting so that the builders can rip out the old bathroom and scullery (yes scullery) and start on the new ones, also the pilers need to dig holes in the kids bedrooms for a couple of the new piles and we decided that this was better done when they weren’t there….

    So I am trying to pack up the kids and the kitchen, remember where I put the instructions for Jill’s alarm, how much their dog eats and it is Josh’s 9th Birthday on Monday.. so better get a present ahh…

    And yes you better get that bookcase cos you have to unpack those books, I’m missing mine so much and its only been three months.

    Wish I could come and help you.. I’m an expert at the sheet curtain thing.. we have them for doors too.


  2. I’d love to give a sensitive and meaningful reply, but I’m going to have to go with – “oooh how cool!” – which was my reaction to your new mug!!! 🙂

  3. 3 Penny

    Lists are a Good Thing. They help make sense of a busy life! Yes – lots of your plate right now.

  4. 4 strawberriesofintegrity

    thanks guys, and Rach- the mug is great!- smooth lip on it which I am appreciating and I love Penguin orange!

  5. I’m a list person too. I also write things on lists that I have done just so I can cross them out (and to make the list complete).

    I think I should write a list blog post as well as I have had lots going on and no time to update my blog. Thanks for the inspiration Kate.

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