Pistachio, macchiato….and Jeremy


– reminds me of that awful Janis Ian song…I am queen of remembering horrible, irritating songs! –

Pistachio and macchiato are the names of the ‘feature’ tiles in the bathrooms. We seemed to have made quite a few design decisions based on some tenuous association (the Memphis red in the kitchen was chosen because we have a dog named Memphis!), or a conversation like this:

1: ‘Hey these look nice” – (shows sample of …..)

2: “Yeah- great colour (flip over sample). Mmmmm pistachio…one of my favourite nuts…OR Mmmm, macchiato how can we not choose this one based on our love of good coffee?”






Photos don’t show the true colours as the grout and tiles have not been cleaned. Macchiato has a lovely teal/grey tile.

But the bestest news. Jeremy had his left lung removed this afternoon…all clear and a successful operation. Fingers, toes crossed for a full recovery. Thanks so much for all your kind thoughts, emails and texts.

I can feel the love…so thanks.


6 Responses to “Pistachio, macchiato….and Jeremy”

  1. 1 CW

    Good to hear. Thoughts with you and Jeremy, hope he recovers well.

    As for your design decisions, I don’t think they are any worse than mine tend to be. M can tell you that I often vehemently like or loathe something, for no apparent or rational reason 😛

    Is the house still on track to be finished in 4 weeks?

  2. 2 Penny

    Good to hear that about J!

    I have a terrible attraction to things with food related names so you’re not alone there! I like the look of the tiles, green and brown shades are very much me.

  3. 3 Mel

    Kind thoughts beaming their way to Jeremy…

    …and that red kichen is gorgeous (says she who also has a new red kitchen!) Great taste!

  4. 4 strawberriesofintegrity

    thank you all- Jeremy comes out of intensive care today- so all looking good.
    House still on track for completion in around 4 weeks- eeek?- can you hear me screaming?

  5. 5 Paul McMurdo

    Hi Kate,

    Sorry, haven’t been intouch sooner.
    So shocked to hear about Jeremy, but very pleased that his op appears successful.

  6. 6 strawberriesofintegrity

    thanks Paul…all going well so far, although a long period of healing ahead. Kx

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