Topsy turvy


… not sure if that is even how it’s spelt, but that has been my world for the last week.
Just over a week ago my brother Jeremy rang to say that he had suspected lung cancer. He is in Sydney and I am in Canberra so the last week has been a blur of travel and hospital. My elder sister died from cancer 13 years ago- so I think we were even more upset, if that can be at all possible.

The prognosis one week on is better than first thought. Jeremy will go back into hospital on Monday (he was discharged last night) and have a partial or full lung removed. We are driving up again on Sydney, picking up my parents on the way, and all having lunch together. It’s a big, big operation – but the great news is that there doesn’t look like the cancer has spread to any other part of his body. And you can live a pretty good life with one lung…

Mum and Jeremy and "understanding lung cancer" brochure

Mum and Jeremy and "understanding lung cancer" brochure

Bit of a dilemma – how much do I say online? It’s a bit like the yearly Christmas letter that I used to send to relatives overseas. Do you just give the good bits and only the bad bits if they need to explain a choice, a decision, or to put things in context? I don’t know the answer to any of this. I know when I started this blog I said that it would be bits of me – this is a big, bad scary bit.

I’m kind of glad though that I didn’t put anything online during the week…the immediate emotions are sometimes too raw? I have been at times distressed, sad, angry…a whole range of emotions. Today I’m feeling calm and hopeful and exhausted.

And being in this *fog* certainly puts everything else into perspective.

So this week a big, huge thanks for….

  • family – despite the awfulness of it all, we have had the most beautiful times together this week
  • friends – big thanks
  • a robust hospital system and really dedicated professional medical staff
  • music- especially my ipod and ABC Classic FM for all that time spent in cars. Classical music always makes me feel more connected to my parents and family.
  • mobile phone- can’t actually imagine how I could have coped without a mobile this last week….

And on a completely different front, the house is powering along. I’m feeling (obviously) quite disconnected from it all. Builders are now saying completion is about four weeks…what???? double it please?? Am I the only person who has ever wished for a delay?

The kitchen is in…the bathrooms are almost completed, the end is in sight. One week for the painters, then a week for the plumber and electrician, a week to sort out greywater, tanks and solar hot water, a week to clean and get the place signed off on.

A couple of pics…

Partially completed kitchen - Memphis red

Partially completed kitchen - Memphis red


Angles from front and cleaned bricks

Angles from front and cleaned bricks

Loads more photos to come.


7 Responses to “Topsy turvy”

  1. 1 Penny

    So sorry to hear about your bro’! It certainly does put things into perspective when stuff like this happens.

    House is looking good by the way 🙂

  2. Glad to hear that there is a positive outcome possible with your brother. I hope it all goes to plan and that he is better soon and that you can all breathe a lot more easily yourselves.

    House looks great. Having built twice, I know the stress and impatience that goes with it. Best wishes for the completed project and soon!

  3. 3 CW

    I am actually glad I can say I know EXACTLY how you must feel (no doubt with variations 🙂 )
    Take care of yourself. And yes, the good things are all there and these sorts of bad things make you so aware and grateful for them.

  4. 4 jo

    Ohhh Katie, am so thinking of you. Wishing I lived close and could come over and just ‘be’. Thinking of you

  5. 5 Rachel

    My thoughts are with you during this time. Sending you a virtual ‘big hug’.

  6. 6 katiedavis

    oh katie, i can’t even imagine… Thinking of you.

  7. 7 strawberriesofintegrity

    thankyou, thankyou for all your comments. can’t say much more than that…thanks. Kx

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