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sweet 16


29 May 1993 – my (our) life changed with the birth of my first child – Jack Morgan. Jack and Carl – 29 May 1993  Jack is 16 and I’ve chosen one photo from each of the last 16 years to give an idea of this wonderful person. I am so very proud of him. Taken […]

– reminds me of that awful Janis Ian song…I am queen of remembering horrible, irritating songs! – Pistachio and macchiato are the names of the ‘feature’ tiles in the bathrooms. We seemed to have made quite a few design decisions based on some tenuous association (the Memphis red in the kitchen was chosen because we […]

Topsy turvy


… not sure if that is even how it’s spelt, but that has been my world for the last week. Just over a week ago my brother Jeremy rang to say that he had suspected lung cancer. He is in Sydney and I am in Canberra so the last week has been a blur of […]

A is for argon


… this really cool gas that is in our double glazed windows.  Argon helps greatly with thermal insulation. I have high hopes for this ‘noble gas’ – (an odourless, colourless gas with little chemical reactivity). Equally cool and interesting is that argon is used for preservation- The US Declaration of Independence is stored in an […]