The honeymoon is over …


baby…(sorry Tex, Cruel Sea……) really it is.

I quite liked our little rental house when we first moved in, but with winter starting it’s really lost its gloss.

In summer I could pretend that we were living in a holiday house and it was really OK- at least with the doors and windows always open you couldn’t really smell the curtains?, carpet? – we honestly don’t know what is the source of the smell – but no amount of oil burning and fresh air seems to help. And all those open doors give some illusion of space – hah!

But with Canberra winter coming – blah. It’s freezing here and we are living in the one tiny room. I can’t get over the condensation. When I’m at home I think longingly of my heated office at uni. I have an old fashioned hydro- radiator on the wall that gurgles and gives off such wonderful warmth. 

I’m probably out of my comfort zone too- I miss lots of things – the chooks, compost bins, curtains/blinds on windows. I think it’s getting me down that I can’t be thinking green and sustainable. After all, what’s so sustainable about an uninsulated, draughty (one of the laundry windows is missing a pane of glass and yes the real estate agent knows…), leaking (when the gutters overflow) house?

“Oh – this ain’t fun no more
Don’t know what to say
The honeymoon is over baby
It’s never gonna be that way again”

Wow- what an ol’ grouch! Finding it very hard to be thankful at the moment- but it’s all relative isn’t it?

Thankful for:

  • this great tree in front of our house 

    is it an ash?

    is it an ash?

  • the dimplex heater that is keeping us going…
  • snuggly doonas and feather pillows
  • electric blankets for the kids…even with snuggly doonas it’s hard staying warm by yourself in bed
  • socks, scarves, jumpers, coats, slippers, fleeCy things, beanies, wool…

Bit of a theme here?

House front – things are moving along. We now have rooms and the electrical stuff has been done. The house is almost at lockup and Carl and I are talking garden, garden beds, planting and moving tons and tons of clay and creating retaining walls. Our current plan is to build a series of terraces with room for lots of vegies.

Lounge room with delicious (double-glazed) windows

Lounge room with delicious (double-glazed) windows


2 Responses to “The honeymoon is over …”

  1. the house news is exciting!!

    Would a dehumidifier help with the condensation? It seems to help with the warmth too in our experience.

    • 2 strawberriesofintegrity

      thanks Penny- we had a humidifier…gave it to Vinnies when we moved as I though our croupy days were over. Will check it out. Kx

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