Autumn melancholy


I just can’t get over this weather at the moment. OK, it’s still a little too warm in the days – 28 to 30 for autumn is a little hot here, but it seems that autumn brings a particular kind of mood to me. Autumn is still and clear, clear days and I should find out why the birds seem so noisy…magpies, currawongs, crows and my favourite white winged choughs are just making the most mournful songs.

And I’ve felt melancholy this past week or so… (not at all helped by the birds plaintive, mournful songs)  – and struck again by life and living and the tenuous hold we really have on it all.

Melancholy is such a lovely word, to say, to think about, to write…

I looked up the meaning to melancholy – it comes from the Greek – melan or melas: black, and khole: bile. A condition of having too much black bile, resulting in ill-temper, sadness and depression. In the Middle Ages- melancholy was synonymous with black bile, one of the four bodily humours (the four were blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile). These humours were associated with elements of the natural world: black bile – earth; phlegm – water; blood – air; yellow bile – fire. Some people thought that the seasons could affect a person’s health…well I can’t argue with that.

Other definitions for melancholy fit my mood a little better – a deep, pensive long-lasting sadness. But I really love autumn, it’s a relief after summer and a prelude to winter. Spring in Canberra is pretty and blooming, but it can also be windy and cold. 

Things I’m thankful for this week:

  • All those birds I mentioned – magpies, crows, currawongs, choughs.
  • My health and fitness level
  • My GP
  • This time at the moment. 
  • Changing colours, changing times

 Final word on melancholy – from Shakespeare:

‘I can suck melancholy out of a song as a weasel sucks eggs’.
As You Like It ( 1599 ) act 2, sc. 5, l. [12]

Not quite sure about the weasel analogy as I don’t really know weasels, but ooh, I love that… just don’t let me get started on how music affects me. Indian summer, I love you the best, better than all the rest….

Autumn melancholy or Indian summer
Please support Earth Hour– but think about it all after 8.30-9.30pm this Saturday night?

One Response to “Autumn melancholy”

  1. I like autumn – cooler mornings, crisp sunny days… I like the feeling of getting ready for winter.

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