What rhymes with roof?


The roof is up! It all happened in a couple of days.

On Thursday morning as we were walking past at sunrise we noticed the scaffolding was up for the roof and we had gutters (well we saw all this the afternoon before, but I like the sunrise photo better)…

Sunrise over the roof

Sunrise over the roof

Friday afternoon and the roof is up! We chose a light colour – dune – to reflect the hot sun (although yes if we were doing this really right, we’d switch to a dark coloured roof in winter to attract the sun!). It’s all coming together really well. I find it very hard making decisions on paper and then seeing it come into reality…Carl has more vision for that sort of thing…it’s more of a shock to me when it really happens.

Roof - north side of house

Roof - north side of house

This north side will have the solar hot water (towards the back), leaving lots of room for the (eventual) PVs.
What rhymes with roof?
Spoof – no, no – it’s a real roof.
Goof? – well we hope it’s all been put on properly and doesn’t leak.
Woof? – funny noise for a roof.

4 Responses to “What rhymes with roof?”

  1. 1 kalgrl

    noice roof 🙂

  2. tooth or toof?

    In NZ it’s traditional to have a “roof shout”.. ie the owners buy the builders a slab of beer. 😉

    Yay for the roof!

  3. 3 sue

    goof, aloof,
    Didn’t even know you were doing stuff to your house. Is that the one in Ainslie?
    Haven’t seen it for ages.
    xx sue.

  4. 4 CW

    Oof. Choice of word/semi-verbal sound determined by recent bout of upset tum. 🙂

    Congrats on the roof!

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