Roof thingys


Beware- extremely non technical building post ahead.

Very excited as house progresses. Carl and I pass it either every morning (on our morning walk), or in the evening (Carl always rides by after work or we detour when off to drumming, guitar, futsal, shops, blah blah…).

It’s all I can do not to peek during the day (well I do sometimes). 

Roof shapes taking shape

Roof shapes taking shape

This week the roof joisty bits and/or the roof trussy bits have gone in, and some brick work has been finished to reach the roof in places. Looking very good as it takes a shape in real life, instead of just the picture in my head. Next week the Colorbond roof goes on. The only parts that are not bricked will be clad – not sure when that is happening, but as all the windows are in – I guess the doors will follow soon.

Roof shapes from garage side

Roof shapes from garage side

This week I’m thankful for:

  • The builders – doing a great job.
  • Canberra Region Farmer’s Market – this will probably be on the list quite often.
  • Where we live – it’s so close to all we need – everything is a walk away, or a ride away or a car ride away. I don’t spend hours in traffic commuting. Really trying to keep those evil short car trips to a bare minimum.
  • The man at the markets who sells my goats milk soap. I had a big chat to him this morning. We think we will be buying our washing powder, dishwashing powder and other products from him. Great for greywater systems, we buy in bulk, save on packaging and it’s a local business. It’s a huge win.
  • Cooler nights (but please, some rain? – oooh, storming as I type!).


2 Responses to “Roof thingys”

  1. It’s looking good! Very exciting. Like the idea of the soap man too.

  2. 2 sue

    Is this soap guy at the Farmer’s Market at Natex? Might go see him. We have an enviroloo which we look after with loving care, but buying in bulk close to home would be good. Cannot deal with going to Fyshwick or Belconnen from our place.

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