Sunshine, lollipops and…


An online friend of mine blogs a ‘things to be grateful for’ every week or so, and I’ve been following her postings and at times adding my list of ‘five things to be thankful for” to her weekly list. This idea comes from better mood from gratitude – “participants took the time to write down 5 things they were grateful for each week, for 10 weeks. At the end of the study this group were 25% happier than a comparison group who simply listed five events from the week”.

Another friend- Nikky, uses her Facebook status update to show her thanks.

I struggle a little with happiness. I find it difficult to relax, and it often feels easier to whinge that be thankful. I guess I’ve been thinking a bit about this recently, even with all the talk of the Global Financial Crisis – there are things to be thankful for.

I have also decided to do this because I am interested in the self affirmation concept as well – it often seems that if you say it’s going to be a crap day, then there really is no surprise when it turns out to be a crap day. Positive, instead of negative self thoughts Kate. It’s not always going to be a good day, but there are techniques and strategies to get through…

I am not suggesting at all that my life is sunshine and lollipops, far from it at times- but I do have a lot to be thankful for. [I’m not so keen on the word ‘grateful’ however- it sounds a little passive and meek (obligated?)], but today I’m thankful for:

  • this long weekend – can’t get over what an extra day means…perhaps I should aim to work 4 days a week?
  • autumn – only just starting but you can just feel the change here
  • Coen Brothers movies – just re-watched ‘O Brother Where Art Thou’ and thoroughly enjoyed the dialogue, acting, script all over again
  • good writing –  half-way through  The Slap 
  • home made pizza that Carl is cooking tonight

Kx (apologies if you now have ‘sunshine, lollipops’ in your head – I really do not like that song!!)

5 Responses to “Sunshine, lollipops and…”

  1. 1 Elena

    I’m thankful for still having you in my life.


    • 2 strawberriesofintegrity

      thank you Ms E – you know it is mutual, KX

  2. I find myself having to watch my status updates too.. too easy to moan.
    Maybe I should do it in note format on my Facebook profile.

  3. 4 Sergei

    I’m Thankful for strawberries of integrity and strawberry shortcakes…
    hmm strawberry jelly on hot days and strawberry scented erasers…

    strawberry blonde is worth giving thanks too though i would not colour my hair as such.

    I love E x & K x

    • 5 strawberriesofintegrity

      thanks Sergei – bit of a theme there? Kx

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