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I just can’t get over this weather at the moment. OK, it’s still a little too warm in the days – 28 to 30 for autumn is a little hot here, but it seems that autumn brings a particular kind of mood to me. Autumn is still and clear, clear days and I should find […]

The roof is up! It all happened in a couple of days. On Thursday morning as we were walking past at sunrise we noticed the scaffolding was up for the roof and we had gutters (well we saw all this the afternoon before, but I like the sunrise photo better)… Friday afternoon and the roof is […]

Roof thingys


Beware- extremely non technical building post ahead. Very excited as house progresses. Carl and I pass it either every morning (on our morning walk), or in the evening (Carl always rides by after work or we detour when off to drumming, guitar, futsal, shops, blah blah…). It’s all I can do not to peek during the […]

An online friend of mine blogs a ‘things to be grateful for’ every week or so, and I’ve been following her postings and at times adding my list of ‘five things to be thankful for” to her weekly list. This idea comes from better mood from gratitude – “participants took the time to write down 5 things they […]

…not to be confused with my wonderful Canberra based bookgroup where we meet in person! (and I don’t want any of YOU girls getting cranky with me- this online group will NOT detract from my IRL group at all- you know I love our group!) I have joined an online book group. Penny, a librarian […]