I started this 10 day detox on Monday. It’s now Saturday afternoon – so day 6, and how am I doing?

Well OK I think. I think it’s easier to just NOT eat a whole stack of things, and for some reason on a detox I just do just that – no dairy, processed foods, meat, sugar, wheat, caffeine, alcohol. That is a lot of things I cannot eat, but there is still a lot I can.

I have been eating  – fruit, vegetables, lentils, beans, chickpeas, tofu, fish (mostly tuna and salmon), some nuts and a couple of eggs (had the eggs for lunch today sitting on an oval watching Jack play soccer. Two hardboiled eggs with some salad, and salt in a twist of foil – perfect!).

I try and do a detox every 6-12 months. I used to detox as a cleanser, to rid my body of the buildup of toxins, but now I think my reasons have changed. I am finding that I am thinking a lot more about what I put into my body, and that I would be almost happy on this diet as long as I included some coffee, tea, chocolate and alcohol!!

I once did a 30 day fast with my boyfriend at the time. That was hard. We lived off fruit and vegie juices and a vegetable broth. After a few days we would be having these earnest discussions around dinner about the subtleties of the broth – too much beetroot… not enough celery? Your senses certainly do become more finely attuned when you are eating basic fresh food.

There are some food habits or rituals which I find harder with this detox. I miss, so miss my morning pot of tea that I have every morning (weekday- after a walk, and on the weekend – in bed). I miss my shared pot of tea with Carl in the early evening when we are both home from work – a time to just sit and go through the day. It’s just not the same with a herbal tea or tea…and I quite like herbal tea!

I had a headache/almost migraine part way through the second day and rushed home and slept for 3 hours in the day, before going back to work for a bit. I noticed that I was cold and tired in the first few days, and that is what usually happens, but my energy levels are pretty much back to normal now. What does amaze me is that the detox does involve some period of unwellness – what does that say about our 21st century lifestyle? 

The social side of food is tricky when on a detox. It’s harder eating out – although not impossible. Tomorrow we’re off to a Davies family BBQ and I’ll cope with that. We are also going to Tropfest in the evening and that will be harder- an evening picnic, but it’ll be OK. This week I have successfully navigated through or around a campus lunch, two campus morning teas (it’s orientation week and there is a lot happening), one work morning tea, lunch out, Friday evening take-away and bookgroup (where my very favourite pears poached in red wine was served!).

Anyway…the house, the house! Great progress this week on the house. Harry – our lovely bricklayer is there, the frames are up and all of the double-glazed windows are in. It’s going through one of those rapid change times. Jon- our builder even hopes to have the roofers in in 2 weeks (eek- have I jinxed it all by saying that out loud?).

Work and life continues on – pretty hectic at times and not helped by my frequent dreamy state at times (nothing to do with the detox, just thinking about the house!).


2 Responses to “detoxikate”

  1. Certainly the house should be much cause for dreaming 🙂

    I don’t think I could hack the de-tox thing… I have faith in my kidneys and liver that they’re doing their job (gentle jibe at the de-tox philosophy). But I do agree that watching what goes in is very important. I must say when we changed some of our diet to more healthy options we noticed how much better we felt.

    • 2 strawberriesofintegrity

      thanks Pen! A yearly detox seems to work for me – especially after Christmas/New year/holidays – it gets me back on track. This time round I am going to be much more aware after – small steps. I’ve never really eaten poorly or badly. I just need the reminder jolt!

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