The Slab!


with apologies to Hunters and Collectors (not my favouriate H&C song but I like the early 80s filmclip)

and not beer either – although with the heat I have been drinking a little beer lately…Coopers Pale Ale  is always a favourite.

I want a slab o’ concrete!!

Preparation for the slab

Preparation for the slab

The builder has been doing preparation for the concrete waffle pod slab and I thought the concrete trucks were coming today…next week now. The waffle pod construction hopefully provides more insulation and less concrete.

I am being very patient, and progress is being made, but the slab is a bit of a milestone, and I just want it to happen.

Hopefully a cheerier update soon!

View from the back

View from the back


One Response to “The Slab!”

  1. 1 Kate hallett

    Wow… the house is coming along!! It looks huge.

    And I enjoyed the injection of H & C.. one of my favorite bands I must say.

    Bye for now hugs to all the Bunker/Davies


    Kate and the 3 boys

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