Plumber back from holidays…at last


You might recall (goodness that sounds formal!) that the old house was demolished before Christmas. Not a whole lot more has happened because all the builders and tradies have been on holidays! Well they are all back now –  at last- and this week -some real progress has been made.

Plumber came and did all the digging for the pipes, including the greywater system that will take water from the showers, bath, laundry and kitchen – filter it and allow us to water plants and the garden. I can’t wait for this as we haven’t watered our garden in the last 2-3 years because of water restrictions, the drought and also knowing that parts of the garden wouldn’t be there with this new house.

Plumbing and pipes

Plumbing and pipes

One of the funny things was seeing some of the old pipes. You’ll now have an idea of why we have had so many plumbing and drainage problems with the old house. Our pipes were constantly being infiltrated by our thirsty trees!, meaning that we had to have an electric eel through the pipes every year or so (and plumbers shaking their heads…”your pipes are blocked, broken, fu…” – you get the picture). Hopefully our new pipes will prove impenetrable and the trees won’t be seeking pipes because they will be watered through the greywater and rainwater.

"Well that's your problem..."

"Well that's your problem..."

Today- an exciting delivery of large white polystyrene blocks – all ready for the slab to be laid next week…fingers crossed.


One Response to “Plumber back from holidays…at last”

  1. I would love to put in a grey water system for our house. 🙂

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