Why post when there is not much to say? More for me than you I guess.

After all the end of year excitement and Christmas and tearing around and events and over eating and over drinking and with being back at work – things can look a little dull in January.

January has been a really mixed month for me so far – back at work on 5 January, and most people don’t believe when I say how busy it is – but this time in between semesters is really precious time and there is lots happening including a new university web site and all the excitement and work that that brings, and other project work such as writing training and co-ordinating 23Things for staff here (and lots of bits and pieces, catch up jobs that didn’t get done in semester). This is all being squished into 2 weeks as I go to a conference – Information Online – in Sydney from 19 – 22 January, and then a weeks camping at Jervis Bay after that. I am then back at work on Wednesday 5 February – when the kids will also be back at school.

Fun stuff too – Carl and I are heading to Sydney next weekend – staying in a posh hotel opposite Hyde Park and going on Sunday to All Tomorrow’s Parties. It’s an all day event on Cockatoo Island. The ticket includes the ferry over and back and we spend all day on the island listening to bands. Meeting up with some good friends.

The mundane, maintenance stuff too – like more trips to the dentists for replacements fillings and a crown, and new glasses. Choosing glasses frames is always tricky and a bit stressy – I need to wear them all the time, so it’s important to get it right. My last pair lasted 4 years, and the ones before that even longer, so it’s a long-term, serious investment! Anyway- I’m pretty pleased with them.


I won’t even go into New Year resolutions – hopefully I’ll be able to talk about them as they come to fruition. I hope the conference will be worthwhile – I admit I am not incredibly excited about the program, but am looking forward to meeting up with people, some I only know online.

Off now to make lists – and quite separate ones too- one for Sydney trip (fun), one for conference trip (work/fun), then camping trip (family/friends/fun).

I’ve joined the Twitter 52 Weeks Project – this is a Flickr/Twitter group where you post a photo (or two) a week for 52 weeks- for all of 2009. This is a splinter group to the Twitter 365 Project where you post a self-portrait taken every day (which I think would be too much for me).

Lull – well it’s all a bit relative isn’t it? Kx


3 Responses to “Lull”

  1. Holy crap you are busy. Looking forward to the planet stopping for a few weeks to


  2. Ooo Sydney Online! Would love to go to that 🙂

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