Demolition or deconstruction?


Well the house was demolished properly on Saturday 13 December (as the only thing that really happened on Friday 12 December was that the excavator arrived at our house and flattened the old loungeroom -see demolition part 1).

The *proper* demolition came on Saturday and Carl and I arrived at the house at 7am with cameras blazing [the video is coming sometime but 25 minutes should easily cut down to a minute or so – you know it’s been busy here with Isabel’s birthday and Christmas!].
Prehensile excavator

Prehensile excavator

Demolition guy was….well a little mad….but I guess that comes with the whole demolition line of work. No emotional attachment to the place at all, not that I expected any, but a huge winge about the fact that ACT Government now require builder’s rubble to be separated – bricks, metal, green waste, concrete – sounds like a very sensible plan to me! The technology of the excavator was amazing – computers and satellite all linked back to his place of work, who know exactly what he is doing and where at any time.

Saturday was sunny and bright after the rain of the previous day.

I surprised myself. I thought that i would be very emotional about the house going, and I was, but not in the way that I expected. I found it really difficult at times to *listen* to the house being flattened and sorted. And strange, unexpected things happened, like a Harry Potter poster and part of Isabel’s wall went flying across the site.



A toddler and his dad walked by while it was all happening. Morgan (the little boy- about 2 years?) had a leaf in his hand and he said rather solemnly to us “lellow” and then looked up at the excavator and shouted “lellow”!. Few synapses connecting there!

And deconstruction?
Well the entire kitchen including stove, rangehood, dishwasher and kitchen sink has gone to friends, the french doors to other friends, bits of cladding to others and we will be re-using bricks, rocks, pavers and plants from other bits of the house and garden.
Carl put together a video for a competition for his work Christmas party- three minutes on some aspect of work. Well he strapped a video camera to his bike and headed off. He ended up coming third. The guy that won did a Subterranean Homesick Blues video- complete with 90 cards!
I’m not sure how I want to acknowledge the old house in the new, but I do want to somehow.



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