Bittersweet…demolition part 1


Friday 2.40pm. I just happened to check my phone while finishing lunch at my campus Christmas party. Lots of messages and texts. I hadn’t heard my phone going off in the noise of lunch.

Carl – “House being demolished at 3pm this afternoon. Call me urgently!!”

[I should say that the asbestos cladding and roofing was removed earlier in the week. We weren’t that keen to be around when the asbestos came out]. 

asbestos free skeleton house

asbestos free skeleton house

I phoned Carl, ran home in the rain, grabbed the camera and car and met Carl at the house at 2.59pm. Also met John – our construction supervisor, our “building company man on the site”. Apparently the demolition guys had a cancellation and were going to start demolishing this afternoon. We then heard that the demolition guys were about 45 minutes away- so I texted and then rang both kids and picked them up from school. We all got back in 30 minutes to find part of the house already flattened. The house looked particularly sad and a little cold and pathetic as the rain poured in on the floorboards. The excavator was just sitting on top of the “old lounge” – just sitting there! The excavator operator was now gone and would be back in the morning at 7am. Carl and I took loads of photos while it rained and rained and rained (we had 60mm Friday/Saturday).

where is the kitchen?

where is the kitchen?

It’s Sunday afternoon now and the rest of the house got demolished yesterday. I’ll post more photos and thoughts when I can.  I’m still absorbing the “oh our house is gone, really gone now, for good”.

As I said at the start – bittersweet. Kx

Excavator *resting* on loungeroom

Excavator *resting* on loungeroom


4 Responses to “Bittersweet…demolition part 1”

  1. Wheee!
    Making way for the new house I presume 🙂

  2. 2 kalgrl

    new one will rise like pheonix from the ashes…

  3. 3 Kate

    Passed by the house this morning when walking – the builder’s signs are up and block truly cleared. will get more photos up very soon. Just need to get through frantic Christmas work rush (third last day for me).K

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