Overly ambitious reading plans!


When we moved we packed away all our books and they are now in storage.
We left out only a handful – well a small revolving bookcaseful.

revolving bookshelf

revolving bookshelf

And I have bought or borrowed just a few more.

My rather ambitious reading plans are to read – in the next few months:

‘Keep the Apidistra Flying’ – read this years ago, started it last night and want to be reading it now!

‘Breath’ -Tim Winton. I want to be taken to WA beaches and growing up.

‘The Deportees and other stories’. I love Roddy Doyle – he is one of my alltime favourite authors. Got this one cheap the other day, and I love a good short story.

‘The City of Falling Angels’- John Berendt. I’ve read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, love Venice – so am hoping this will be a good read.

‘The Sea’- John Banville, Booker Prize 2005. Had this for a while, just need to open it and read.

I joined an online bookclub Booktaggera few months back. I’m confessing right now that I haven’t done anything there apart from sign up. When you sign up you get sent emails and offers of free pre-publication books that they then encourage you to read and review. I’ve been sent ‘The Gone-Away World’ by Nick Harkaway and am currently waiting on ‘The Art of Losing’ by Rebecca Connell. I’d like to read both soon and review and see who else is reading it and take it from there…

I have also a couple of Margaret Atwood’s books – ‘Oryx and Crake’ and ‘Bodily Harm’,  Kate Grenville’s ‘The idea of perfection’, Ian McEwan ‘On Chesil Beach’ and a biography of Elizabeth David by Lisa Chaney.

Then there’s another uncorrected proof I’ve been sent ‘Causewired’ by Tom Watson. I’ve had this for 3 or 4 months now…

Summer reading? Make that reading for 2009 I think.

I’ll probably end up taking none of these camping as I also have a couple of Vanity Fair magazines that I’ve bought during the year- completely unread, but always good for a read and a talk while at the beach … which is where I’ll be, but not for another month or so.

And yikes!- have to find out what the next bookclub read for February will be as well, and my mum is giving me Annie Proulx’s latest for Christmas (Annie is one of my all-time best-est writers!).



One Response to “Overly ambitious reading plans!”

  1. 1 Kalgrl

    🙂 at least yours is a neat shelf, mine is just a pile by the bed! Happy reading.

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