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[- sorry photos a bit big and may take a little time to load] Isabel’s birthday on 16 December always marks the start of summer for me. Everyone else in our little household is a winter baby – and Isabel is our only summer baby. On her birthday Isabel received a hard carry case for […]

Well the house was demolished properly on Saturday 13 December (as the only thing that really happened on Friday 12 December was that the excavator arrived at our house and flattened the old loungeroom -see demolition part 1). The *proper* demolition came on Saturday and Carl and I arrived at the house at 7am with […]

This is too corny not to post! At the recent new Librarians Symposium 4 held in Melbourne, one of the ice-breakers at the Cocktail party was getting together and talking about these library based pick up lines (and thanks to Michelle at Librarians Interact for the heads up). Pardon me, could you please tell me […]

I like movies. I like them a lot. I probably go to the movies about once every two weeks. I like to be challenged and I like a movie that makes me think. Laughing and crying are both good too. I like going to movies with friends. I don’t watch a lot of DVDs at […]

Friday 2.40pm. I just happened to check my phone while finishing lunch at my campus Christmas party. Lots of messages and texts. I hadn’t heard my phone going off in the noise of lunch. Carl – “House being demolished at 3pm this afternoon. Call me urgently!!” [I should say that the asbestos cladding and roofing was removed […]

When we moved we packed away all our books and they are now in storage. We left out only a handful – well a small revolving bookcaseful. And I have bought or borrowed just a few more. My rather ambitious reading plans are to read – in the next few months: ‘Keep the Apidistra Flying’ […]

I started writing this post on 28 October- but never finished or posted as I really wanted to pack a punch- *sigh* – well luckily a whole bunch of other articulate, intelligent people have done it for me. My main problem with the proposed filter, apart from the fact it is not going to work […]