Out of whack

Kate is “out of whack” – completely and utterly, in fact so much so that she is talking in third person.

OK –  back to first person.

faded thirty

faded thirty

Carl took down our house number from the old house on the weekend – funny he always thought the numbers were metal, and they were plastic painted metal-ish (and covered with feral banksia rose).

Maybe it’s age, but it is taking me ages to adjust to living somewhere else…several times in the last week I have driven the wrong way, and found myself at the *old* house. Am I going mad? I don’t think so- I think it’s just an indication that I am ‘out of whack’ , the synapses just aren’t making the right connections.

I’m enjoying the rental house though…I describe it as a holiday house except we are all going to school and work as usual. It has that holiday coasty house kinda feel…no dishwasher, small, run down, neglected garden…just no beach!

Maybe it’s an age thing? – oh I’ve already said that!

Garage sale this weekend, then the kitchen goes and we grab stuff from around the garden – we still have to lift some pavers, dismantle a retaining rock wall (the rocks originally came from our ‘Brady Bunch’ chimney inside – gotta love provenance!), and then I *think* we are ready for the house to be demolished…

Anyway – another Isabel ceiling shot – this time with Isabel in it!



I’ll finish with this photo- found this in Isabel’s old wardrobe (she certainly has her parents sentimental genes!)

ode to old house

ode to old house


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