Ever decreasing circles


Into day three of our move, and it is hard work, although I’m taking it easier today and everyone else is at school and work, so I’m collecting my thoughts more than actually physically moving things.


The photo above is of a paper crocodile that Jack made a long time ago. It had at least one other leg and has been stuck on the back of our kitchen door for over ten years. It gets the occasional dusting and cobwebs removed from it. We have reluctantly decided not to keep it, but take a photo, remember it and put it in the recycling. We are all such terrible hoarders and collectors that sometimes you have to say “enough”!

I’ve been thinking a lot while packing, and it is a little for me like forming ever decreasing circles. We have been moving tables and emptying shelves and drawers, and when you are clearing a table, you pack some of it, but then end up with a pile of *stuff* that doesn’t really know what it is about until it is joined by more *stuff* and it can be packed together. So the wide, far reaching circles are becoming smaller and smaller with each day of packing.

I hopw you get what I am talking about- I just googled “ever decreasing circles” because I thought it was a familiar phrase, and got lots of hits to a 1980s English sitcom of the same name- although I don’t think I’ve ever seen the show at all! 

Anyway back to it – packing I mean, not thinking and not typing, but packing, moving!


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