Isabel’s ceiling


Ha…bet you weren’t expecting that for the name of a post!

We really are counting down our days to leaving this house – over 15 years and I am becoming even more introspective, nostalgic and sooky – if that is at ALL possible.

Aside from the memories, there are a whole range of other *things*, some intangible, that I will miss.

Which gets me onto Isabel’s ceiling. Carl, with the help of Isabel painted here ceiling a few years ago (OK -it was 2002 I just checked Flickr photos). A couple of the walls were painted deep blue and then the ceiling painted light blue with clouds. I like the clouds as it’s not all sunshine, in a couple of them there is a hint of grey and mood.



Had we stayed in this house, we probably would have repainted her room anyway sometime soon, and the walls are now covered with her art and Nirvana posters, but (a bit of MacArthur Park here now) “she’ll never have that cloud ceiling again, again” ….

But we have the photos and the memories, so we are pretty lucky all round.

Ceiling 2

Ceiling 2


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