Rosso and Vino


Brick choice.

Not the most exciting subject you are probably thinking, but one that Carl and I have spent hours and hours pondering!

We have chosen two bricks for our new house – Rosso and Vino – sound like mates don’t they?

Brick choice is tricky. You can look on the web, but then there are problems with the representation of the colours. And you don’t really want to be making choices for an entire house based on a screen. So we spent several weekends driving around, looking at houses, but more importantly looking at bricks. Then we went to brick *showrooms* – PGH, Boral and Austral. You may have seen them – outdoor spaces with a range of small brick walls. Not the most exciting thing to do, but important. The first weekend we went out to these places it was freezing, sleet and a cold wind and really unpleasant. Not the sort of weather to be having a serious brick discussion and seeing how the light and shade played with the bricks? We then went back on a sunnier day when we could talk these things through without freezing.

First let me introduce Rosso – quite a red, bold choice for a brick!

Rosso (main) and Vino

Rosso (main) and Vino

Then there is Vino – our contrast brick for the entry area (and the name of my favourite drink – it had to be!)
These colours are quite similar to the house that is being built across the road – but then they went and rendered (which I guess is our fallback/plan B if we have got the brick choice wrong). Hope not though.

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