one extra day hey?


It’s only one extra day, but it’s been really nice and has taken on a significance (in a way) that is greater than just one extra day?- if that makes any sense.

Three things have happened while having three days off work. And they say that things come in threes.

one: Getting used to not having the kids around. It’s been coming for a while- the kidlets (haha -spell check for kidlets includes giblets!) are 12 and 15 and doing their own thing, but Isabel is presently in NZ for 10 days, and Jack is either working or off with friends – so Carl and I are having these whole stretches of time where we don’t have to think/transport/deal with kids things- and it’s really quite weird and empowering in so many ways! It’s like a new stage of my life is unfolding…

two: Saturday, we finally got to Chisholm Street Gallery. This is a gallery in a house in Ainslie that I think we have probably driven past hundreds if not thousands of times on the way to and from Civic or anywhere south-side in Canberra. I would link to the website but it’s awful- nothing there and out of date. Anyway I’ve been meaning to drop in on this gallery for a couple of months now – it’s only really open on the weekend and on Saturday we did. They have some lovely textiles, rugs and jewelry – from Asia in three rooms of their house. Carl bought me a lovely embroidered woolen pashmina, completely spontaneously which was just so nice!

three: Was planning on a trip to the Canberra Glassworks – but they are not open on Mondays and even though it’s a public holiday here -when I rang there was just an answering machine giving their regular hours. Grrrr. Anyway yesterday we saw Drona– latest Bollywood movie out here. I like to think of it as Bollywood meets computer animation/graphics! Was the usual good versus evil, but not enough singing for my liking, and I don’t really enjoy fantasy films. Has been described as Harry Potter meets Indiana Jones- but I think that is stretching it a little!

Anyway I plan to spend the rest of the long weekend relaxing, mooching around. I’ve done more than three things! I’ve planted some vegie and herb seedlings and am still hopeful about a rental application that we recently submitted. I’ve scanned some photos from 1989 – when I left Sydney, but in the process I’ve realised that we still don’t have our wedding photos in an album or scanned (despite my mum’s nagging -although we’ve been married 17 years next week & I suspect even she has forgotten!). I’m about to make a tiramisu and bake some vegies for dinner as it’s turned cold and windy. I don’t feel rushed, just relaxed.

Hope you’ve had a good weekend, whatever you did.


Photo of Iz- one of my favourites taken in 2006 at Pebbly Beach, South Coast. I think she looks like a wood sprite. Anyway she is in NZ at the moment, having a great time, but I miss her!

Isabel, Jan 2006

Isabel, Jan 2006


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