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Ha…bet you weren’t expecting that for the name of a post! We really are counting down our days to leaving this house – over 15 years and I am becoming even more introspective, nostalgic and sooky – if that is at ALL possible. Aside from the memories, there are a whole range of other *things*, some intangible, […]

Vampire energy


Sometimes you just need a hook, a new way of looking at the same issue. I think we all know about the wasted energy of all of our electrical products, even when we are not using them, but I rather like the notion of Vampire Energy and the following video.  Kx thanks trib for this one

Rosso and Vino


Brick choice. Not the most exciting subject you are probably thinking, but one that Carl and I have spent hours and hours pondering! We have chosen two bricks for our new house – Rosso and Vino – sound like mates don’t they? Brick choice is tricky. You can look on the web, but then there are […]

Our garden has had a couple of years of serious neglect. The whole drought, water restrictions thing put me off and we just stopped watering and caring for most plants when we decided to embark on our crazy demolish/rebuild. The footprint of the house isn’t that much bigger – but it takes over different parts […]

Red and blue


the red: I first heard about this story on another blog I follow – Linda’s ‘Living the good life’ and I’ve heard it since in the news…the red list of endangered and threatened species. The red list, produced by IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, is a list produced every year […]

It’s only one extra day, but it’s been really nice and has taken on a significance (in a way) that is greater than just one extra day?- if that makes any sense. Three things have happened while having three days off work. And they say that things come in threes. one: Getting used to not […]