Kangaroo Valley Fruit World

Isabel- aka Adam's Apple

Isabel- aka Adam

Isabel loves changing the desktop on the home computer and has this photo up at the moment. And of course that got me thinking and searching for photos of our day at Kangaroo Valley Fruit World.

What’s it all about?

There used to be a place in Kangaroo Valley – called Kangaroo Valley Fruit World. We went there once in 1997. Isabel was almost 2, and Jack was 4 1/2. Kangaroo Valley is about an hour’s drive from my parents – with lovely shops, cafes, walks, the old bridge and a river, and Kangaroo Valley Fruit World is full of the sort of stuff you can do with toddlers and young children. Kangaroo Valley Fruit World is basically an orchard with a whole bunch of other stuff you can do – ride horses, shear sheep and go on the paddle boats on the artificial lake (dam?). I think we might of had a tractor ride around the orchard as well?
Anyway the kids loved it –  a small, inexpensive theme park just right for the little ones….trouble is we were the only ones there, and then when we went back the next year- it had closed down. The fruit trees are still there, but the old sign has gone. We talk fondly about ‘Kangaroo Valley Fruit World’, but it’s just not there any more.
At least we have these lovely photos- the kids thought the ‘fruit photo opportunity’ was just a big hoot!
Carl-aka Peter Pear, & Jack

Carl-aka Peter Pear, & Jack

Kate-aka Patricia Plum, & Jack

Kate-aka Patricia Plum, & Jack

Have you noticed there is no-one else in the pictures? – I think that we were the only people there for the whole day.

Isabel - "riding on a bumpy tractor"

Isabel -

I decided that the photos just had to be larger for this post – kids, they do grow up soooo fast.


2 Responses to “Kangaroo Valley Fruit World”

  1. 1 Vanessa

    THank you for sharing your lovely photos,which bring back lovely memories of Fruit World.I used to go there a fair bit before i got married and i loved it there.Now that i am married with 3 children,i am devastated that it isn’t there anymore.Infact ,quite a few things are different in the Valley now..I wish that Fruit World could re-open.

    • 2 strawberriesofintegrity

      Thanks for that comment. Yes it was fun at the time….my children are now 16 and 18 so my needs have changed!!

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